Mullen reacts to MSU spring game

Mississippi State wrapped up its spring with the Maroon Team defeating their White counterparts 34-21 in the annual spring game on Saturday. Bulldogs’ head coach Dan Mullen met with the media afterwards to talk about the game, the spring overall and his plans to enter the Boston Marathon.

Opening Statement

“It was a good game. Great opportunity, we got a lot accomplished that we wanted to get done. We got some young players in situations they haven’t been in before. It was a game like situation even though it was a scrimmage, it helps with the clock and scoreboard going. I saw some guys do some good things and I saw some mistakes, but its great putting that little extra pressure on them.”

On the quarterback play

“I thought they did okay. A little up and down at times but you expect that. What I want to see is how they respond to the downs. To me its about the consistency of play. All of them have the ability to make plays, run the ball, scramble, but they are learning they need to be to a consistent level. Every single snap is the most important thing.”

On giving four quarterbacks reps

“We will look at it and sit down and see what they did. To me the biggest thing is we don’t practice again until August 2. There is a lot of time in there for someone to go separate themselves between now and then.”

On someone standing out

“I really don’t know if anyone was. I saw everyone make different plays and guys performed at a different level on different days. Some would do great on one day and be kind of average the next day and someone else will stand out the next day. They were all pretty even coming out of spring.”

On what quarterbacks can do to stand out by August

“Everything. Leadership in the weight room and leadership in condition, working on fundamentals and techniques. They better do a lot of throwing and get out there and work with the different receivers and getting timing down. Studying film, you have to do some things ten thousand times if you want to succeed. I mean, they should be at the dorms at night getting their foot work down. There are so many things they can do and have to do if they want to become great players.”

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