Mullen finishes Boston Marathon

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen completed the Boston Marathon on Monday. (Twitter)

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen completed the Boston Marathon on Monday. (Twitter)

Dan Mullen has always preached to his players about relentless effort during his time as Mississippi State head coach.

On Monday, it was Mullen’s turn to prove he had it as well competing in the Boston Marathon.

Despite it being Mullen’s first ever competitive race, the 43-year old finished the 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston in 4:28:35. Mullen averaged a mile every 10:15.

“It was an absolute dream come true to not only run the Boston Marathon but to finish it,” Mullen said. “The entire experience was better than I ever imagined. When you are running, the support of the fans along the race and the camaraderie of your fellow runners pushes you to keep going and finish. It’s a scene I’ll never forget. I want to thank everyone who came out to the race and thank those who supported the Mullen 36 Family Foundation during this unforgettable journey. My hope is that this inspires the dreams of others and that we continue to help the young people in our state of Mississippi.”

Mullen finished 21,655th overall in the marathon and was 1,781st in his age bracket. His charity, the Mullen 36 Foundation, raised over $40,000 surpassing its goal of $36,000.

Watch Mullen cross the finish line.

Dan Mullen’s 2016 Boston Marathon Splits
Split      time of day         time                      diff         min/mile             miles/h

5K          11:51:28AM        00:29:55                29:55      09:38                      6.23
10K        12:21:41PM         01:00:08                30:13      09:44                      6.17
15K        12:51:15PM         01:29:42                29:34      09:31                      6.31
20K        01:21:37PM         02:00:03                30:21      09:47                      6.14
HALF    01:28:08PM         02:06:34                06:31      09:34                      6.28
25K        01:52:49PM         02:31:16                24:42      10:11                      5.89
30K        02:24:34PM         03:03:00                31:44      10:13                      5.87
35K        02:59:02PM         03:37:29                34:29      11:06                      5.41
40K        03:35:15PM         04:13:42                36:13      11:40                      5.15
Finish   03:50:09PM         04:28:35                14:53      10:55                      5.50

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