Prescott picked by Cowboys in fourth round

Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott was drafted by his childhood favorite Dallas Cowboys. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)

Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott was drafted by his childhood favorite Dallas Cowboys. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond)

Dak Prescott became the third and final Mississippi State player picked in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Prescott was selected in the fourth round (135th overall) by the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday becoming the Bulldogs’ first quarterback taken since Don Smith in 1987 and will be the first selected as a signal caller since Dave Marler in 1979.

The 6-foot-2, 230-pounder from Haughton, Louisiana broke 38 school records, was a two-time Conerly Trophy winner, All-American and first team All-SEC selection. He accounted for 11,897 yards, which ranks third in SEC history and also sits fourth with 114 touchdowns.

Prescott led the Bulldogs in both rushing and passing the past two seasons. He completed 66.2 percent of his throws as a senior for 3,793 yards, 29 touchdowns and only five interceptions while also adding 588 yards and 10 more scores on 160 carries.

Prescott was named MVP of the Liberty Bowl in 2013, Belk Bowl in 2015 and Senior Bowl in 2016.

He is the first MSU player to be drafted by the Cowboys since Willie Blade in 2001.

Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys Draft Day Teleconference Transcript

(On how much does this mean to him since he grew up a Cowboys fan) – “This means everything. It was just something I dreamed about. I ran around the house acting like I was a Cowboys quarterback my whole life, so for it all to come true it’s such a blessing. Just being here with my family, and Mr. (Jerry) Jones gave me that call, and just the excitement to have my family a majority of Cowboys fans, it was awesome.”

(On how much time he spent with the Cowboys since the Senior Bowl and if he felt like they wanted him) – “I got a good feel with the coaches but I didn’t put too much thought into who wanted me more than who. I got to meet with them at the Senior Bowl, met with Coach (Wade) Wilson at the Combine and then Coach Wilson flew into Starkville and worked me out. Then a few weeks ago they flew me up to Dallas just to get to know me for the visit. On that visit, them flying me in late was maybe they want me, maybe they’re thinking about me real good, real hard. So for it to all come true and they draft me today is just unbelievable and I’m still excited.”

(On what other teams he visited pre-draft) – “I did draft visits with the Cardinals, the Bengals, the Eagles and the Broncos.”

(On if the Cowboys did anything different compared to the other teams) – “Honestly, the Cowboys were just more ball than anything. They got to know me a little bit. I know Coach Wilson, so Coach (Scott) Linehan got to know me a little bit and spoke about myself to Coach (Jason) Garrett, but more so than anything it was all ball, getting to know my football knowledge and how I pick up and learn things. I thought that was really important and obviously it benefitted me.”

(On if he sees any similarities in his game and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s) – “Romo wins and I win and I think that’s the biggest thing you can take from the quarterback’s position, the biggest takeaway. He goes out there and he wins a lot of games and always has the Cowboys in position to win a game and I felt like I did the same thing in college. To come to the Cowboys and learn under him will be exciting.”

(On what kind of NFL quarterback does he envision himself as) – “Just a great quarterback. I don’t know if there’s any quarterback that I would say I mimic my game after. Obviously, Russell Wilson doing some good things and being a runner and thrower who’s throwing first and hurting people with his feet once he starts to run. But I just want to go in and continue to get better each and every day, learn this system and just play ball.”

(On what does it feel like to be in the mix of being Romo’s successor) – “It’ll be awesome. I’m going to go in there I’m going to work and I’m going to compete. I’m going to do the best I can and work as hard as I can and try to outwork everyone there. Pushing Tony Romo, pushing the other guys, Kellen Moore, and just know while I’m doing that I’m making myself better and making my whole team better.”  

(On whether the Senior Bowl was the first time he has worked under center) –“Yes sir. The Senior Bowl was the first live reps under center.”

(On if it took awhile to get used to working under center) – “No, I mean I feel like I am a very athletic quarterback, so dropping back from under the center is not much of a change. It’s not much harder. I’m excited. It is just something I have to work at and make it like the back of my hand and don’t even think about. More so than anything, I can do it; it’s not hard.”

(On what he told teams when he visited with them about his DUI arrest) – “I took full responsibility for my actions. It was a mistake and I learned from it and it won’t happen again. I am going to be a better person because of it. It is in my past.”

(On whether the Cowboys talked to him about it) – “Of course. It was the elephant in the room. They spoke on it and I reinstated my message and my statement about the whole situation and what I just told ya’ll. It’s something in the past. It’s something that I can guarantee everyone won’t happened again. It was a mistake, but it going to make me a better person and it already has.”

(On whether he has thought about throwing the ball the Dez Bryant) – “He has been an awesome receiver – one of the best and maybe the best in the game right now. He has strong hands and he makes your job easier as a quarterback. So, to be able to throw to him will be fun, and then, obviously Mr. Dependable Jason Witten. We’ve got targets in Dallas and I’m excited to come and join.”

(On where he is today) – “I am in Toledo Bend at this little resort in a conference room with all my family. I waited out yesterday, yesterday passed and then coming into today I felt fine. I knew that whatever was going to happen was going to happen for a reason. The stress and pressure around me I guess you could say from my family, but when that call came through as Dallas, Texas and I knew the Cowboys had the next pick coming up, I was all excited. Everybody started screaming and I could barely hear Coach on the phone talking to me. It was awesome. A dream come true.”

(On if he thinks he could be the number two quarterback this year) – “Definitely. No doubt about it. I am going to go in there and work, like I said, and I’m going to outwork and push those other quarterbacks, make them better, make Tony better, and then play whatever role the coaches ask me to play.”

(On whether the number of reps he will get his rookie year is a concern) – “Not really. I feel like mental reps are just as good as physical reps. If you are going through that play, you know exactly what the quarterback is thinking or what he should have been thinking. When you are just standing and not doing anything physically, I think that helps you just as much. This is game is played at our position most importantly form the neck up, so if you are tuned in and know what you are doing mentally, I think you have a head start on everyone.”

(On whether he watched more film of Romo or his college games when he was visiting the team) – “It was pretty much all Romo. I watched the stuff I did in college when Coach [Wade] Wilson came to Starkville. When I went on my visit, it was all Romo. It was some of the things they’ve done, some of the ways that we could prepare, me and Romo, just fitting into the Cowboys system. It was awesome though. It was awesome.”

(On who he did his pre combine work with) – “I was with Tom Shaw out in Orlando at the Wide World of Sports.”

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