Video: Jake Mangum, Nathaniel Lowe

Nathaniel Lowe // Jr. // 1B
On practicing in mid-day heat…
“I went through the same thing last year in the Florida heat. As long as you hydrate, it’s really not that big of a deal, especially being
from the southeast. It’s a challenge for some of these other guys coming from other places. It’s something we’re going to pride ourselves on being prepared for because we do it every day.”

On when he felt the team could reach this point in the season…
“For me, personally, I think it was Vanderbilt. The Friday night game, first game of conference play, facing a guess who is a great
prospect and great pitcher in (Jordan) Sheffield. We stretched it out to go that long, and we got an awesome performance by Dakota (Hudson) and a really good defensive performance. To see us grind through that first game, that’s when I thought, ‘this team is special.’ You see Vanderbilt, you see a team who has been to Omaha. They have a rich history and strong program. To see ourselves take game one, then punch back to take game two and take that opening series, that’s when I first thought, ‘this team has got it. We can do it.’ It just kept going through conference play. As we started to rack up wins and take care of wins when we were supposed to, it was confidence boosters at that time. It confirmed that everything we were working for was falling into place and that we could really make it happen.”

Jake Mangum // Fr. // RF

On practicing in mid-day heat…
“Being where we are from helps out a lot. You can always adjust to cooler weather at night. Night games are way easier to play in and
get used to than noon games. It’s getting our bodies ready for it every day.”

On Arizona’s pitching…
“The only games I was able to watch were both championship games against ULL. Arizona can throw it really well. They have some
guys in their lineup who can really swing it, too. They are a really good ball club. That’s why they are still in it right now. I know they
will all be ready to play this weekend. We just have to be ready to play our game.”

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