SEC Media Days: Richie Brown

Senior linebacker Richie Brown

On being at media days…

“It’s really exciting and good to be here. It is fun seeing the other teams and interacting with each other in this setting. I’m very honored to be chosen by my coaches to represent my team.”

On new defensive staff…

“Coach (Peter) Sirmon is great; He is an ex-NFL guy. He has done a lot for our defense already. He relates really well to the players, NFL guys tend to relate to us a lot better because they kind of know what we have been through. He is bringing new things to the table but we are still Mississippi State defense. I’m really excited for this season.”

On toughest offensive plays faced…

“Some of them have been pretty recent, Derrick Henry was a really tough one, Leonard Fournette. They are really good. They are kind of freaky guys that are so big you don’t expect them to move as fast as they do. Players like that can really stress a defense.”

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