MSU Media Day: John Hevesy

Opening Statement
“I think this season has a great future for us. We have some great guys. Not a lot of young guys, more new guys… In the nature of Martinas RankinDevon Desper has played and started and Justin Senior starts. Deion Calhoun played a lot last season, and we will start him going in. Elgton Jenkins really works hard in the tackle positon. Justin Senior and Martinas have great quality effort from guys who can go places … Jocquell Johnson played in center. Played a lot in spring tackle. One thing we see with these kids is starters are going to be starters. Once you are a backup you have to be able to walk in and do what needs to be done and earn your position. I’ve told every kid walking into camp, no one has a starting job position. You have to earn it. So to me, it is your job to come in and earn your job. I’m looking forward to this camp and seeing how it will go.”

On moving Justin Senior
“I’ve seen more left going into it. I think the one thing is last spring we put him in right to get him playing and a lot of that was put on Justin Senior who has been at right tackle for like three years and to put him over at right. It’s not just him and Martinas (Rankin) switching, it is all three are able to play both if they have to.

On what he saw with Elgton Jenkins and what changes he has made
“He’s an athletic kid and he understands the offense. He was a redshirt freshman last year. He shows a lot of maturity of how he is supposed to be playing. I think part of that is being good with communication and keeping up with the guy next to you whether it is a freshman or an older guy and just setting yourself up to be a leader. Every rep they take is going to be graded. Every rep the take is going to be evaluated. When it comes September 1st, I cannot tell you who we are going to be starting with. Every rep is going to be evaluated to see who see who is going to be the best. It does not matter if you are Justin Senior or a redshirt sophomore, you have to earn what you are going to get. You have to earn your job and that is with every position on this team, special teams, offense and defense, you have to earn job every day. Every rep you are taking is being evaluated so you can get the better job.”

On where the 8-10 guy rotation number stands now
“We are about in the same boat. During camp, you are always going to get surprises and not like I like surprises, but your kids are going to surprise you with whether they are committed. I had three true freshmen wondering where they are going to be, they had great summers, too, where are they going to be athletically, mentally, physically. Whereas some of the guys, Ronald Cochran, had a great fall camp and got himself out there. Really it’s not about having 15, 16, or 17 guys in my group, it’s about having them ready mentally and physically to play a game on Saturday. To let guys get reps of all the things you need to get covered, it’s hard. It’s hard to let them all get those reps. The number eight to 10, those guys are going to get all of those reps, all of those looks and things. They have to know what’s going on around them to get themselves into that positon.”

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