Bjork comments on Elston suspension

Ross Bjork’s comments on the Trae Elston suspension:

For starters, Bjork said there was no discussion about why this particular play was targeted for suspension and not plays of other games, such as the hit by a Vanderbilt defender on a South Carolina receiver which did draw a penalty. “We discussed our case only,” Bjork said.

From here on out, it’s all Bjork quotes:

“Our first thoughts are with Trae. He’s our guy, a great student-athlete here at Ole Miss. He represents everything we’re trying to do in terms of character and athleticism. He’s a great example of what we stand for. We’re disappointed that he can’t play on Saturday.

“I will tell you that we worked within the process that’s defined by the conference. We talked to commissioner (Mike) Slive on multiple occasions. We talked to Steve Shaw, who’s the supervisor of officials. The bottom line is they have a job to do wih player safety to look at these types of hits. We made our case for Trae and our program. Ultimately it’s their decision, and we respect that.”

“This is a tough position for the commissioner. He acknowledged that there was a lot of anguish in making the decision on his part. Our focus is moving this team forward.

“The best thing we can say right now to our players and our fans in the Ole Miss family is that we have a big game on Saturday night. We have three days to prepare for one of the biggest games here in a long time.

“There are specific things on the film that we pointed out in the process that is part of a normal procedure when these things come up. We gave those points to the commissioner and Steve Shaw.”

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  • The Ghost of Col. Reb

    Trae and Ole Miss got screwed!

  • Bnogas

    do y’all remember Doyle Jackson ?? same damn thing..

  • old_rebel1

    why was there no discussion of other hits by programs that the comm pampers and protects. It is never an ALA,LSU,GA,etc, that receives suspensions. There have been worse, MORE FLAGRANTLY illegal hits by those schools than Tre’s COMPLETELY Legal tackle that even drew flags, yet ONLY OLE MISS gets suspension for hit DEEMED LEGAL by the REFS who are paid to police such hits.If they find no prob with the hit, ithe comm has NO BUSINESS over-ruling them.Does he want to suit up and referee the games? you do not send an EFFECTIVE msg to your DARLING institutions by Punishing what you consider a smaller and “less important”(in his eyes only) institution. All you do is INCREASE AWARENESS and persistent opinion that YOU MR. SLIVE are BIASED AGAINST what you INCORRECTLY VIEW AS LESSER SCHOOLS. This is a 14 team conference, and ALL are EQUALLY IMPORTANT!! iF YOU WANT THIS TO CONTINUE AS BEST CON in country, IT WILL TAKE SUCCESS OF ALL schools, not juust ALA,LSU,GA , AND FLA. WAKE UP SIR, and be fair in your disposition of punishments.

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