Hugh Freeze from SEC teleconference

Highlights from Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze on the SEC teleconference. …

Opening remarks
Coming off loss at Alabama our kids still have a very positive frame of mind this week. We’re glad to be back at home. We know the challenge is again very great.

One of the things that jumps out about me is the effort his kids give. It’s a phenomenal effort the way they chase the football and play every play.

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze (Daily Journal photo)

Hopefully our kids can build off the positive things we did at Alabama.

On Denzel Nkemdiche
Denzel, the word you have to use to describe him is heart. He is a fast kid. That helps also. For his size he’s pretty strong. He still wouldn’t have success playing the position he plays at his size without great heart and passion.

On A&M offense.
They know what they’re doing. They do it very well, having a QB in Manziel who extends plays better than anybody I’ve ever seen. Hopefully we can come up with a plan that will at least limit the quick scores to where they have to work and earn every point they do get.

I know our defensive staff, we feel lik we’ve got the best possible scenario, but we also know preparing for them is different than preparing for Alabama, and the way they will spread us could expose some of our depth issues.

They have the best defensive overall team speed of any that I’ve seen, particularly their up front guys. They give you a ton of looks.

Offensively, they know exactly who they are, what they want to do, and they have the ability to win 1-on-1s. The offensive line is sound all the way across, not to mention their return game.

On relationship with Kevin Sumlin, what they talk about
You better get good players. It’s just our personality to be more open offensively. As hard as it is to defend Kevin and the guys who do what he does, we both believe that you keep it simple for your kids and allow them to play fast. Hopefully we can get to that point of what they’re doing. Right now our talent doesn’t fit. Kevin is a good friend, and I’ve enjoyed talking ball with him through the years.

On late kickoff times, too late?
It is for me. It’s past my bed time. Those are long days. We’re thankful to have such great TV deals. At the same time, it is a long, long day. I would rather tee it off earlier. I know that’s part of the deal in this conference, but the media attention you get, and the recruiting attention you get, you’re grateful for those.

There are inconveniences with it. I don’t hear a lot of feedback about it though.

On defense against Alabama
I thought they were very phsyical, good in the red zone area and tackled extremely well. We put them in bad positions on offense several times. The effort was outstanding, the plan was good and they executed it very well.

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  • We really need to win this game. Find some way, some how to pull it off. Things going for us: 1) they haven’t played an SEC road game in the history of their school. It won’t be easy to get to Oxford for them, Florida used to struggle with this. 2) Even though he’s good, he’s a freshman, and don’t you think there’s a tiny bit of pressure on a kid nicknamedJohnny football?? 3) they havent played an offense as dynamic as ours. Florida is solid, but they aren’t mixing things up like Hugh is, which should create positive situations for the Rebs.
    We need to be loud and support the guys for their effort last week in an extremely difficult situation. 17 on 11 would be a challenge for the Dallas Cowboys in the SEC. Should be interesting the way the breaks fall in this game from a refereeing point if view. New blood at an Ole SEC staple.

  • I am going to the defend of the Gators here. 1 the Gators are a much better football team than the Ole Miss Rebels, 2.The Gator defense shut down Johnny boy, and beat that 12th man as well.

    One advantage Ole Miss has here is that game will be played in oxford.

  • We don’t have to be better than Florida, just Texas A&M. And we don’t even have to be better than them except for 3 hours on Saturday night.

    • Sorry to say, SIr, if you, we, Ole MIss Rebels are not better than Florida, YOU will get beat by Texas A&M. The Gators did it in Texas, but the Aggies are coming to your house, your advantage don’t wast this advantage

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