Moral victories

There is a time and a place for moral victories, and while no one wants them to be the norm, a rebuilding Ole Miss team playing at No. 1 Alabama was one of those places.

Ole Miss coaches and players know the team has improved from last year’s 2-10, 0-8 performance. Alabama provided a good measuring stick, and the Rebels showed improvement even from the last two weeks when they gave up almost 700 yards and 66 points to Texas.

So there’s value in defeat from Tuscaloosa. Now is the time for Ole Miss to reduce or eliminate turnovers, make some gains in the turnover margin category, get into the fourth quarter and end the SEC losing streak.

It stands at 15 games now, and there are seven opportunities ahead. When moral victories matter

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  • Ghost of Col. Reb

    You are correct about the Alabama moral victory. And to me, Texas was a moral victory, as well. Anytime you put up over 30 points on what will probably end up being the national title contender (Texas) you have something positive to build on. Last year we were being blown out 52-0. There is not a lot to build on when that happens. Ole Miss football players have become re-connected to the OM fan base this season. Last year, players didn’t go out of their way to greet fans and thank them for their support (neither did the newspaper reporters LOL!). This year they never miss an opportunity to stop and say hello, at least the players and coaches. They thank fans for their support and they back it up by playing hard for 4 quarters every game. I haven’t seen any quit, any where on the field. I can live with losing, it’s a game. I just can’t live with quitting. This year, they are playing their politics right with the educators, the public, and the recruits. When Freeze was hired, I thought this would be a disaster, but so far he has proven all his doubters wrong. Let’s just hope it continues. One thing is certain, we have class again, we have pride and fight, too.

    * Marquel Combs, now here in California playing JUCO ball in L.A., has been offered a scholarship to USC (the east coast one) coming out of his sophomore year. Is Ole Miss in the hunt? He has been really good at stopping the run game in the middle and getting pressure on the QB in juco. I think he still loves Ole Miss.

    By the way, how would State be ranked and A&M not? No disrespect to the pups, but State hasn’t played anyone. If that will get you ranked, then Bjork needs to schedule Jackson St, Tulane, Memphis, and UAB for our non-conference games. OM would be in the top 25 every year.

    Finally PA, has anyone asked the question to Freeze if he saw the Ref move the spot 1.5 yards to give Alabama the first down? Why does Ole Miss roll over? If it were turned around and happened to Alabama, they would burn Tuscaloosa down until someone made some changes. One thing I’ve always said was Boone lacked the intestinal fortitude to lead. It looks as if Bjork is still on the whipping post. I think that has been the biggest turn-around for State. They got Burn and he was a strong leader. He started hitting back and didn’t allow State to get walked on. He kept their cowbells, he fought bad referees through politics, and he dominated the advertising markets. Bjork has to get more balls if he wants OM to compete for a National Title. I like the man, but there is a time to man up and the Alabama game was one. It’s not all about fundraising, we want our AD fighting for our University just like our players are.

  • Ghost, I haven’t heard anyone ask Freeze the question of moving the ball. I don’t know if he’s been asked or not.

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