Freeze from SEC teleconference

Highlights from Hugh Freeze’s time on the weekly SEC conference call. …

Opening Comments
We’re obviously excited to end the SEC losing streak that we had. Our kids have gotten better each week and played their most complete game last week.

I am looking forward to going on the road recruiting tomorrow with our staff.

On Bo Wallace now compared to Bo Wallace he knew at Arkansas State
Ryan Aplin at Arkansas State was mature and a little better runner than Bo. Bo’s season has been a little up and down but in the last two games he’s played his best football for us. He’s taking care of the football and playing within the structure and the game

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze (Daily Journal photo)

plan for us. At Arkansas State, he was an immature knucklehead as a lot of us are when we come out of high school. Playing behind Ryan he felt like his best avenue was to go to junior college and it would open more doors. He was exactly right.

When I got this job in December and knew one of the things that needed to be addressed was the quarterback room, and the year he had in junior college was a phenomenal year. He was one of the best if not the best available as a mid-year. I immediately started thinking I was hoping he would join us.

Pleasant surprises this season?
“The first thing that pops in my mind is being able to rush the football. Even after the disappointing spring they had last year, the two tackles, one was drafted and one signed as a free agent. Coming out of spring I wasn’t sure we’d have the ability to run the football. That’s been the most pleasant surprise. Then the way our defense has gotten better playing so many young kids, the way they’ve improved each week in tackling, understanding the schemes and the fits. I think our special teams are OK. I think they could be better. I wish we had more consistency there and that we hadn’t turned the ball over as much as we did early on.”

On relationship with Jeff Scott
“That is a journey. It has been since we got here. I’m proud to say it’s better now than it once was. We certainly are not dealing with some of the issues we had when I first got here. His attitude has continued to get better. Our relationship is very solid right now, and he’s starting to play his best football. I hope he can continue his maturing process.”

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  • NorthMSReb

    I was not aware of a relationship problem with Jeff Scott until now. I did notice during the Auburn game that he kept making gestures toward the sidelines. I wondered what was going on. PA, can you comment?

  • I’ve noticed the attitude for a long time. He never agrees with Bo’s reads on the read option an his body language can’t hide his feelings on that. I think Jeff is a guy that can’t get the ball enough in any game, but he performs at such a high level, it’s hard to argue. He just needs to clean up letting his emotions get to the sychy of the team. It’s ok to be disappointed about things, but not be a cancer to your teammates.I think I posted on Sunday that I thought Jeff Scott must be the most frustrated athlete in the world.

  • Parrish Alford

    NorthMS, the relationship problem is something Freeze has spoken about for a while. It’s possible Jeff’s sitting out of practice during camp was part injury and part attitude. When he talks with us he is always positive and respectful, but sometimes guys are different with us.

  • Parrish Alford

    Matt, I’ll have to watch the body language thing. I hadn’t noticed that.

  • I noticed it too during the Auburn game. He looks to the sidelines and its almost like he’s giving up part of the play call b/c if it isn’t going to him he gets frustrated and shows it.

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