SEC schedule for 2013

Here is the Ole Miss football schedule of 2013 SEC games.

Aug. 31 at Vanderbilt
Sept. 28 at Alabama
Oct. 5 at Auburn
Oct. 12 TEXAS A&M
Oct. 19 LSU
Nov. 30 at Mississippi State

Yes, that’s right. Three straight on the road to start league play, followed by four straight home games.

The Rebels return to Alabama and are at home again against Texas A&M. That’s a good trade actually. Unless things change dramatically in a year, Ole Miss will be a heavy underdog against Alabama regardless of site. Home field, however, could be a big advantage against Texas A&M. It almost was this year. The Rebels will have to figure a plan to better slow down Johnny Manziel in the rematch. They can’t assume they’ll get six turnovers again.

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  • Ghost of Col. Reb

    Title of this article should be, “SEC screws Ole Miss again.” We ended up getting our opener as an SEC game- away. Look at our bi-weeks and where they fall. Not to mention we have to play the number one team in the country twice at their house. Wow!

  • PA – please feel free to place the following article in which I plan on composing in the print edition at your convenience. I will take no issue, even if you take credit for it…
    Former MSU Athletic Director, still working hard to defeat arch-rival, and is now in a position to do so….
    Former MSU Athletic Director, Larry Templeton, did not have much success beating his nemiesis, the Ole Miss Rebels, at his tenure in Starkville on many playing surfaces. Since he has left Starkville, however, he has continued to work deligently to do just that. Templeton, now a key member and contributor at the Southeastern Conference headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, has exacted revenge on his cross-state rival on numerous occasions, most recently on Thursday, when the SEC released the 2013 SEC Football Schedule. Templeton played a key role in working through the details with several other players to finalize the schedule. The outcome: 3 games will be viewed at repeat venues from 2012 to 2013. 2 of those games involve the University of Mississippi. 1 of those 2 games, Ole Miss at Alabama, is a sure-loss based on recent and not-so-recent history between the 2 schools. To ensure history repeats itself, Templeton will remain instrumental in assigning Penn Waggers’ officiating crew to the Tuscaloosa late-summer affair, in which there have been numerous DOCUMENTED cases of questionable officiating activities over the past century in the series – several including the Waggers’ officiating crew.
    Templeton is also a key asset for the NCAA in the Baseball Tournament selection process over the years. Serving as the chairman on the Tournament committee while at Mississippi State, he took Ole Miss to the wood-shed time and time again, concocting matchups that were difficult for a small, quiet, Southern university, located in a town of 10,000 in rural Mississippi to overcome. Ole Miss has not been to the College World series in the modern era.
    Mr. Templeton – would it not make sense to involve the 2 new programs in EVERY disadvantaged scheduled situation for 2013, since THAT is the reason the schedule is not flanging up? Does senority not count for anything anymore, especially in the SEC? Is revenue the only factor in the decision making process? It appears there are so many issues that aren’t being addressed at other big-contributing SEC members, but the gauntlet is being thrown down on the smaller schools. A great example is the suspension of FRESHMAN cornerback Trae Elston from Ole Miss, who made a clean, LEGAL tackle of a player to prevent a touchdown. Just this past weekend, in Columbia, MO, Alabama FRESHMAN defensive tackle, performed a belly-to-back suplex, almost fracturing the Tiger RB neck, celelbrates like Rob Van Damm, and only recieves an internal handling of the situation. Does the SEC adminstration not think that the University of Mississippi can handle issue internally? Can only Nick Saban adequatly teach and address fundamentals of tackling?
    Dear Mr. Templeton,
    Your time has expired in behind-the-scenes manipulation against your arch-rival. You were ousted by a much better man in your position at Mississippi State, Greg Byrne, who challenged the conference on several occasions, and saw the writing on the wall, and decided to get to a more even playing field at Arizona and the Pac 12. We will stay in our quiet, small town of Oxford, and stanby and let the brass of the conference continue to “help” smaller schools stay less competetive. I mean really, do you think we need help losing? We have so many cards stack against us, but lets crush the peasants to ensure they never rise up. I hope you sleep well at night Mr. Templeton, I’m sure your home is well heated and cooled with State funds that will continue to lavish your lifestyle as an outright criminal to the SEC society.

  • Parrish Alford

    As mentioned above, the repeat trip to Alabama probably won’t matter, and the repeat host of Texas A&M could be a help.

    Regarding the Alabama non-suspension from the Missouri game, the SEC followed its written policy (defenseless offensive player, contact to the head or neck by the defensive player) but missed a chance to make a statement on the importance of player safety. As Andy told Barney, sometimes the spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law.

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