FINAL: Georgia 37, Ole Miss 10

No. 7 Georgia went on to score 37 unanswered points after the Rebels led much of the first half 10-7.

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray torched a depleted Ole Miss secondary with 21-for-28 passing, 384 yards, no picks and four touchdown.

Ole Miss defensive coordinator Dave Wommack made mention of the Rebels’ lack of experience in the back end. Ole Miss was missing starter Senquez Golson and the top cornerback reserve, Wesley Pendleton.

Dehendret Collins started at corner, playing the spot for the first time since spring. He was out of position at times, but secondary play was a team-wide malfunction right down to Charles Sawyer getting beaten late in the game on Murray’s last TD pass.

Wommack said, “Obviously we’d have rather had those guys (Golson and Pendleton) they’re our starters, you guys know that, but  …”

We’re getting on the road now. More to come in a bit.

Here’s what Hugh Freeze had to say:



The Rebels got the big gain on their first possession, a 50-something play from Bo Wallace to tight end Ferbia Allen. The Georgia defender went for the pick, and Allen moved the ball downthe sideline to the 14. From their, the Ole Miss drive netted minus-3 yards. On third-and-7 Randall Mackey had a run-throw option but was caught for a 6-yard loss.

Korvic Neat had a nifty punt return to help the Rebels win the field position battle for a stretch, After Ole Miss went three-and-out when it started at its own 42, the Bulldogs went from their 17 and a sack by Bryon Bennett helped force a punt situation. It was a boomer, and Ole Miss was back to its 26. The Rebels reached the Georgia 30 and on fourth-and-4 a pass to Mackey gained 3.

Early on, Dehendret Collins wasn’t in position to be tested at corner because of a successful pass rush that netted three sacks in the first quarter. He would have big PBU in the second quarter.

Near the end of the first you could see Georgia’s Aaron Murray take advantage of Ole Miss defenders in the box, lobbing it over their heads to a wide open tight end for a 31-yard gain.

That put Georgia at the Ole Miss 41 as the second quarter began. The Rebels stiffened, forced a long field goal miss, then followed with a 70-yard touchdownd rive with Mosley score on a 13-yard pass.

Georgia answered with a 66-yard pass to Marlon Brown on a third-and-1. The play was set up well, had a nice fake by Aaron Murray, who kind of was non-chalant with the ball after pulling it back from the running back. Brown was wide open, and that made it 10-7.

The teams went through a span of four turnovers in about 60 seconds in the latter half of the second quarter. Finally Georgia held possession long enough to drive for the go-ahead TD. When Georgia got away from its run game and into its 2-minute offense it moved down the field. The Rebels got back-to-back sacks from Gross and Grant to put the bind on Georgia which called time with 12 seconds left. Not very good clock management at the end of the Dogs.

Ole Miss had 5 sacks in the first half, Georgia had 4.

Ole Miss followed the Georgia timeout with one of its own. When play finally resumed there was more Ole Miss pressure, but Murray evaded it this time and completed a 40-yard touchdown pass.

Ole Miss should be leading now but isn’t. Dave Wommack has been really good with second half defensive adjustments. We’ll see what happens. The Rebels were solid in the first half except for two big plays.

Two big plays will get you beat in the SEC if you don’t follow with your own. The Rebels missed some opportunities with the turnovers in the first half.


Getting settled in at Sanford Stadium.

Had a Georgia guy ask me a few minutes ago if I thought it would be a close game. Yes I do, I told him. What could make it not as close as the 28-24 I posted Thursday would be the secondary for Ole Miss.

Dehendret Collins has some experience at corner, having played there in the spring, but it’s been a long time. Collins gives the Rebels a viable option with Senquez Golson and Wesley Pendleton out injured.

Collins has good ball-skills and could be OK. Or, being rusty, he could be picked on.

The Rebels’ shot to win will be based on not only how they play but whether Georgia lacks emotion, as it did in its loss at South Carolina and later when it let Kentucky hang around.

I’m hearing from some Ole Miss fans who are quite interested in the MSU-Texas A&M game. The Aggies are up 31-7 in the third quarter as of this posting.

Ole Miss fans need to look also at the Vanderbilt score. They Commodores are laying the wood to Kentucky, which makes me think they were very prepared, as I suspect they will be in Oxford a week from now. Both Ole Miss and Vanderbilt will view that game as a great opportunity to reach six wins and bowl-eligibility.

I think Ole Miss will be prepared also, today and next week. That’s not something you could say about the Rebels this time a year ago.

I’ll have live updates on Twitter and will be here at halftime and after the game.

Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • Ghost of Col. Reb

    Ole Miss hasn’t lost to Georgia yet to need to beat Vandy. It might turn out that way, but not yet.

  • Ghost of Col. Reb

    I’ll be glad when Verne Linquist dies or retires. he has never said one good thing about Ole Miss. Everything that happens is just luck and every time we sack Murray some b.s. excuse. He is the worst announcer in all of football.

  • Cheer up ghost of Col Reb your young Rebs doing good, just a couple of bad mistakes which cost them 14 point and the lead, but the game is not over yet…. The old uneducated JB as you call him, said that. who lives in the 50’s and is white trash. enjoy the game it is far from being over.

  • Ghost….Verne and Gary were in Baton Rouge for the late game with LSU and Alabama. Your announcers for today’s game were Tim Brando (with a daughter at Ole Miss) and Steve Berline.
    Game completely changed when we give up the TD on 3rd and 25 before the half. You have to wonder what changes if we hold strong on the 3rd and apparent 4th down that Mark Richt would have thrown in the end zone on the subsequent play. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, Ole Miss… know?
    I feel like our season has been determined after today. Games will be close down the stretch, with the exception of the LSU game, in which STUPID will come into play…..Superior Talent Usually Produces Inevidable Defeat. LSU will beat us physically all over the field. With our depth situation in the secondary, WE COULD go 0-3, 1-2, or 2-1 in my opinion. Mississippi State looks vulnerable, however, we look severally vulnerable with a knicked up bunch, and so much youth. Our guys play hard, too hard sometimes. They play so hard, they play themselves out of a play. Like Trae Elston on 2 occasions that put points on the board. We sell-out so hard on both of the touchdowns in the 1st half, and STUPID happens.
    We had a setback today. Will we bounce back a week from today? I look forward to the opportunity for our team to further gel. We really need a win this coming weekend. Proud of our effort, just look forward to the time when the talent level is a little more balanced between the two teams on the football field. That was a good UGA team, not sure how they went to Lexington and stunk up the field like they did, that was unbelievable.
    What a game in Baton Rouge tonight? I was stunned. I never thought as 1 demionsional as LSU had looked all season long, that they would put as complete of a football game together as they did tonight. They played a near perfect game, and yet, the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide found a way to win that game. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a game. I’m not a fan of either of those teams, but that game tonight encaptured the greatness of SEC and College Football. For 4 hours, there were conflicts and adversity on both sides, and in the end, a champion looked defeat in the face, took it on the chin, and made the required plays during pressure-pack situation, after pressure-pack situation in a hostile environment, and won a challenge in which a perfect plan had been devised over several months, executed at a near flawless capacity. A tip of the hat to the teams from Tuscaloosa, and Baton Rouge on this night. As bad as I felt sitting down to watch that game, it was a breath of fresh air, and allowed a disgruntled Ole Miss fan to enjoy a competetive affair from start to finish.

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