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Here are his comments on the three questions he took after practice regarding the post-election gathering:

Q:  What would you say about the things that happened last night?

“I’m disappointed in two things. In the thirty or so kids that gathered to do whatever they were going to call that, which by the way happened at a lot of places across the nation and not just at Ole Miss. I’m very disappointed in our local media that took upon themselves to run with it and make it into something it wasn’t. We are our own worst enemy when we do those kind of things.  It’s not, in my opinion, proper journalism, and that’s frustrating. Obviously when the social media hit those other two or three hundred came to watch. Again I don’t condone any of those actions, and whoever the president of the United States is is who I’m going to give honor too. We have to press on, just like a football team, to make this a better place. That’s the attitude of so many Rebels, and hopefully the truth will be known and too much damage wasn’t done by the false reporting that happened.”

Q:  Did you have to do any damage control with any recruits?

“Not really we just put out the truth. Normally the truth is good enough for most people.”

Q:  Overall have you tried to be proactive with that kind of stuff?

“Certainly when I woke up and found out the reports were over-exaggerated by some of our own people. I got with our coaches and found out the truth, and we got that out.”

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  • Racism is ‘social-malignancy’; a self-induced tragedy, truth be known. Hell, I grew up in Alabama, and even WE were considered to be “Enemy Northerners” by most old school, hard core Mississippians; sad is the only way I know to express it. And yes, the recent ‘racist’ outburst on the Ole’ Miss campus will most assuredly effect the school’s image, in general, and give pause to certain Black athletes, in particular, due to the lingering racism there; I mean, it most assuredly would me!!! The Mississippi football team is already loaded with…what…90% black players. And what is a prospective athlete’s parents supposed to think? And what protective-advice are they sharing with their gifted-athlete son, (who has already committed to playing football at Ole’ Miss), regarding whether or not they ought to reconsider. I certainly would, if I were in their situation. Perhaps this ill-advised outbreak of racist-insanity will cause the school to lose more than a few football prospects to surrounding SEC schools, such as Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Arkansas; or schools even fuhrer away from such social-poison. Then they’ll clean it up…really fast…trust met!!!

    • SeattleReb

      Boy, you sure must think it’s fun or somethin’ to sit back and rant/rave while doing your darnedest to portray Ole Miss in the most negative light possible.
      Guess what, dude…….it AIN’T workin’ & it won’t work.

  • In the words of Nick Saban, “We need to surround the program with positive energy.”

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