Dave Wommack breaks down LSU

The Ole Miss defensive coordinator discusses the Rebels’ upcoming opponent …

LSU QB Zach Mettenberger impressive?
Last week he looked a lot sharper. He looked like he’s got his confidence and stuff. Good timing, huh?

I don’t think they changed much. We’ve got all their breakdowns. The games before that, there’s no difference. I think he just came into his own, reading stuff better. He’s got a lot of good talent around him. They’ve asked him not to lose it, and he’s made some good throws. He’s got a good arm.

Your thoughts on LSU in the run game?
There are like four of them. Every time a different play comes up there’s a different back in there, but 33 (Jeremy Hill) … It’s like LSU, every time I’ve ever played them they’ve always had at least two good backs.

Difference in styles among the backs?
They’re all tough, they’re all physical, they’ve all got decent speed. They throw to all of them. No, if I had to pick who was the best, I don’t know … That 11’s pretty tough running up in there, and 42 and 33, they’re pretty good too.

How many LSU backs will rotate?
At least three in every game.

LSU’s scheme?
It’s like Alabama and Georgia. They remind me a lot of like a mixture between those two teams right there. If they can, they’ll just knock you off the ball and keep the ball and let their defense … Their defense doesn’t give up very many points. They’ve got a great kicking game. You can win like that. It’s not a big scheme game.

Rotating your DTs?
It helps. That really hasn’t been the biggest difficulty issue for us. We’ve done decent against the run, not as good as we’ll be in the future, but I think we’ve got a good run scheme. We’ve been able to keep for the most part the linebackers healthy, knock on wood, and then we’ve been able to change out the D line. That helps us. It’s the play-action off the run that’s created problems for us.

Top 10 opponent?
I love that they’re getting that experience, and one of these times it’s going to pop for us, just like in the game the other night. There will be a time when we do the right things and make the right plays and don’t have the missed assignments at the end of the game like we had the other night. Coach Freeze calls it a process, and that’s what it is.

I love these young guys, the ability to go in there and look on that board and see … all our red tags are freshmen and redshirt freshmen, the green tags are sophomores. Our board is full of those red and green tags. It’s a great experience. These are the best atmospheres in the country.

Eyes still the most important aspect of play up front?
Yes, making the fits, that’s exactly right, because they do a great job of double-teaming on the line, and then zoning up to the linebackers. If you add one in the box, they add another. They’ll bring a receiver in to cut somebody off, so absolutely, fitting the gaps and the fits.

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