Question of the Day: Who’s most important?

It’s a big recruiting weekend at Ole Miss with Robert Nkemdiche and Antonio Conner, among others, expected to be on the guest list.

Hugh Freeze and his staff are in conversations with a number of highly rated prospects as Signing Day draws closer. They are favored to land some; others maybe not so much.

Of the uncommitted recruits, who would be the most important to round out what is shaping up to be a very good class?

A. DB Antonio Conner

B. OL Laremy Tunsil

C. DE Robert Nkemdiche

D. WR Quincy Adeboyajo

E. Other


Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • NashVegasReb

    Nkemdiche just because his signing brings in recruits. However, Tunsil is definitely needed. In the O days Freeze and O built a team around talented lines. Nutt thrived on those talented lines.

  • NashVegasReb

    and oh by the way nkemdiche is a beast

  • The Ghost of Col. Reb

    E. because there is no i in team. You never know how someone will perform at this level. So, don’t call him a cowboy until you’ve seen him ride. They all have great potential but sometimes lack of self discipline or cockiness can have a negative impact on a team. You don’t hear as much about all these guys but Robert. We already know he is a good guy. And if there’s anything we’ve learned about Freeze is, he will make sure they all reach their highest potential.

  • The Question of The day? Regardless of this recruiting outcome, will Ole Miss EVER be able to competitive with SEC power teams as The Gator, Alabama, LSU, Tenn or LSU again. I don’t think so!!

    • Killer_Beeze

      We’ll see. BTW, Ole Miss has whipped those Gators something like 3 out of the last 4 meetings. Ask LSU how the Rebels played this past season. It took them until the final seconds to secure a win against Coach Freeze and the Rebs at Tiger Stadium. Oh, and the Rebels absolutely slaughtered the Vols in 2011. :))

      • The following from Ole Miss web site history: .Ole Miss has the winning advantage over two of the six teams over the long haul: Florida and Miss State. LSU Close. Not very much concerning Texas A&M. did not check out Missouri. I think Ole Miss hold their own against Ark and Auburn.

        Florida 1926 2008 (23 games) 12-10-1 327 414
        Alabama 1894 2011 (59 games) 9-48-2 653 1712
        LSU 1894 2011( 100 games) 39-57-4 1527 2035
        Tennessee 1902 2010 (64 games)19-44-1 903 1492
        Texas A&M 1911 1980 ( 4 games 0-4-0 27 61
        Mississippi State (4) 1901 2011 (108 games) 60-42-6 1841 1568

        Have a good day and Enjoy this past season it could have better with a few good breaks. JB

  • NashVegasReb

    No there is no I in team but you still have to go after the best that fit your system. AND are quality students, team players and gel with the other players. That is what HDN got wrong. This is what Freeze does so right. Not only that but they happen to be rated the best in the country. Look what coach did with the current players that “bought in”. These recruits (that have committed) are trying to show the others the family atmosphere being built at Ole Miss. That’s the team we all want. That’s the team that will compete for the SEC title. So with that said A and E (ryan buchannan) because they have already bought in and are educating the rest to what could be.

  • Blackbears go to 5 and 0 in the SEC….UNDEFEATED the whole season and make it to the DANCE? hehehe…I believe !!!! Take a look on any message board across the country and everyone of ’em knows that sumpin’ ain’t rat in Oxfart< : D
    "I took a wrong turn and I just kept goin'."

    • handy010

      More crying and whining from the sore looser, lying moron.

  • Jimmy is correct…Ole Mi$$ could swap uniforms with the Baltimore Ravens and still would lose to LSU, BAMA, A&M, every year and MISSISSIPPI STATE, 3 out of every 4 years…. “Lookin’ through a glass onion.”

    • concerned

      And 2 years from now you’ll be saying you won 1/2 of the last 6. Amazing how bored you are with your own team that you have to constantly comment on Ole Miss…

    • Killer_Beeze

      It will take Miss Stake a very looong time to play “catch-up” with the Ole Miss Rebels who have owned the doggies and lead in the Egg Bowl series by a whopping 19 games. Don’t you have some business to take care of under the porch?

  • meatball

    Did someone really Ask if we can compete w/ Tenn? We were in the games w lsu and a&m(Texas not Ms) who beat bama by the way. There should b a mandatory IQ test to b able to post comments.

  • There is a ginormous difference between getting a decent recruiting class and actually turning that into competing with the LSU’s, Bama’s, A&M’s (Texas) and The Old A&M’s(MIssissippi State), who by the way won the 1908 college football championship, but they didn’t hang a banner. Ole MI$$ is light years from rising up from the abyss they have stumbled into since they fired Cutcliffe.
    “Better staple it together, we’ll call it bad weather.”

    • Coach Cutcliff did restore a winning spirit back at Ole Miss and was fired.Coach Nutt had a couple of very good season and was fired. SO Mr. Freeze be beware should losing once again set in up there.

    • handy010

      Yea, and Moo-U has been soooooooooo good against LSU, Bama, A&M, Auburn and Florida since the hiring of cousin Eddie. You are still a sore looser, liar and moron.

  • Rebs01

    Chris Jones

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