Chris Jones Update

From the mother ship this morning, our update on the recruiting of Houston defensive end Chris Jones, a five-star prospect. It’s down to Ole Miss or Mississippi State, Jones says. Our Brandon Speck visited with him on Tuesday afternoon.

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  • What ever decision Jones makes, I hope he is 100% committed. Hey, I hope he chooses State, but if he doesn’t, State will continue to have winning seasons and continue their dominance over Ole Mi$$. The main thing is that Jones will be happy on the campus he chooses. There’s more than football to consider. If he doesn’t make the NFL, then he needs a great education to make his life full and I can’t think of a better education than the one he will get at Mississippi State University.
    “Because the world is round, it turns me on.”

    • handy010

      Just two days ago you said you were not a state fan. How can anybody believe anything you say. Sad, sad, sad little boy

  • I will list the “huge gap” that exists between Mississippi State’s recruiting class and that of Ole Mi$$…Mississippi State has 1, 5 star recruit…4, 4 star recruits and 16, 3 star recruits. Ole MI$$ has 1, 5 star recruit…7, 4 star recruits and 14, 3 star recruits. Rankings are based on’s service. The stars are given to recruits to say when they may have significant playing time. For example a 5 star recruit should find playing time his freshman year and a 4 star should find playing time his sophomore year and so on. The star more or less represents the recruit’s maturity level as far as skill goes.

    • handy010

      Sad little boy………

  • 49er QB Colin Keapernick ended up at Nevada, because no college offered him a football scholarship and Flacco was a 3 star recruit. Recruiting is very similar to scouting in baseball. It’s is a pick ’em and hope they make it kinda deal. According to statistics, about 1 in 5 top ranked players coming out of high school, at their position, end up finding the starting role.
    “I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potaoes.”

    • handy010

      Sad little boy. Nothing good in your world so you try to crap on others. Sad, sad little boy

  • Yahoo sports running article on Treadwell and his instagram pic of his hand on a big pile of $100.00 bills, then he quickly deleted it. The cow was already out of the barn by then. Wow! The impending NCAA investigation into Ole MI$$ recruiting is gathering momentum.
    “And the rain came down, like a holy waterfall…over the Gulf of Mexico.”

    • handy010

      Sad little boy, will nobody from Moo-U talk to you? Is that why you come here everyday? Cause you got no friends? You got no life? Poor little sad boy

    • Just4Liberty

      $308 to be exact. What a pile a cash!

  • Not so much obsessed and I am engrossed. The upcoming NCAA investigation is intriguing to me. What will they uncover? Could it be the most prolific recruiting scandal in the history of NCAA sports? Will this recruting scandal be the one to bring down the entire SEC? Will the other conference commissioners be pressing the NCAA to make Ole Mi$$ an example for all schools to see? It will be very interesting to see the timeline, to see who all is involved, to see all the evidence come spilling out for all to see and will we see the wrath of the NCAA come down upon a school that has cheated with blatant disregard?

    “The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.”

  • Is the Treadwell scandal picking up steam now? Is the NCAA really coming to town to ask about him? Will Ole MI$$ try to bribe their way out of this mess? Will there be a 2 year bowl ban? How may scholarships will they lose?
    “We don’t get fooled again.”

  • uh….Liberty? If you look at the picture closely, you will see that under the $100.00 bill on the left, there are at least 7 more $100.00 bills stacked up. When I was high school, I never had that kind of money, but hey anything’s possible. Probably a rich uncle…yeah that’s it. Is that taco sauce on that $100.00 bill on the right?

    “why are we cleaning windows, when there’s pigeons on the roof?”

    • handy010

      You do not have that kind of money now….

  • I think all those college football players get some very good benefits whether on or under the table, so why single out Ole Miss as being the BAD boy?

  • rotflmsao !!!!!!!!! I got tears…..

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