Final Predictions

Who do the Rebels get on Signing Day?

A. Robert Nkemdiche

B. Chris Jones

C. Antonio Conner

D. Elijah Daniel

E. Christian Morris

F. Laremy Tunsil

G. Austin Golson

H. List your combination

A few other thoughts to consider. Does Robert Nkemdiche’s late visit to LSU and dinner with Shaq concern you? His Twitter comments or Fox Sports South comments?

What is the most important position group, the biggest need to address on Signing Day?

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  • Nkemdiche and Golson. I think one or two others if Nkemdiche signs In the Fox report when he talks about those going to Ole Miss he says we not they. I hope that is a telling pronoun. Parrish, thanks for the good job.

  • FD5

    I think Freeze has done an excellent job of recruiting and I honestly believe that it was done within the confines of the NCAA rules. Freeze just comes across as a “Boy Scout” kinda of guy. I hope atleast it was all legit. But it always seems as if Ole Miss comes up just short so I feel like somebody listed above that we really anticipate signing ends up going elsewhere. My picks though:

    Confident on: Nkemdiche, Conner

    Better than average on: Daniel, Golson
    Average on: Tunsil, Morris
    Stretch on: Jones
    Singing 5 out of 7 listed (RN,AC,ED,AG,CM)

    I really feel that Nkemdiche is a lock for the Rebels, nothing is stronger than Blood. Alabama has seemed to made a big push for Conner but I just hope it was too little, too late. Daniel has already committed so maybe Auburn will not steal him away. Too many rumors about Golson favoring the Rebels to ignore not to mention the immediate impact he or Tunsil would more than likely make on the field. I don’t know much about Morris except that he is a Memphis kid and that tends to be a good recruiting ground for the Rebels. Jones has been a commit so long a period for the bulldogs that I feel he is theirs to lose. Not saying he will not sign with Rebels, but like Alabama with Conner, it maybe a case of Too little, too late.

    Regardless of where any of these kids sign, I wish them the best and I hope they go where their heart leads them and not due to where all the pressure pushes them to go.

  • Parrish Alford

    FD5, I think the OL is the most important position group in the class, but it’s not easy for those guys to contribute right away, particularly at tackle. It’s huge to redshirt them and get them in tune with the tempo offense.

    Al, I also noticed Nkemdiche’s pronoun choice there. Interesting.

  • Ghost


  • FD5

    I agree that redshirting an OL is probably best…. it just how they talk about having that deep rotation so I could see atleast one of them getting some snaps.

  • Parrish Alford

    Oh, I think you could see one or two getting snaps. They would like to have a deep OL rotation than they had this year, which was about six guys.

  • Here’s how it most likely will play out. Nkemdichi to Ole MI$$, Jones to Ole MI$$, Daniel to Auburn, Tunsil to Bama, Conner to Mississippi State University. But then again alot depends on what school can improve their skills, hopefully enough to get them in the NFL. It could depend on what major they are looking at. Because their check bounced at thi$ school and they got the ca$h from that school. They like their position coach better here than there. His friend or brother plays here. Don’t want to get too far away from home or I want to get really far from home. My girlfriend is at this school. I want to play for the best coach (SABAN) or I want to be on a team that has really been sucking and I think I could be the one to turn it around. It could be as simple as a coin flip or my grandma hates that school, because they never hired a black head coach. You see the thing is nobody really knows until til they sign and even then, we just don’t know if they will get better or worse.
    ” sittin’ downtown at a railway station, one toke over the line.”

  • Chad Bumphis tweets the truth.
    “tramps like us, baby we were born to run.”

    • Archaeo

      Look, until someone in the NCAA actually comes out and files paperwork on misdeeds all this “truth” stuff is just people flapping their gums just to make other teams look bad. Message boards are not “proof”. If UM has done any wrong doing then yes, they will and should be punished. If there is no proof then you are making it so much easier to savor the thumping MSU will get in the next Egg Bowl.

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