The Class and Commentary

Here’s the 2013 Class as it stands now plus a little commentary. Hugh Freeze meets with media at 2 p.m.

This is the list and a bullet item from each signee in the order of announcement by Ole Miss:

TE Evan Engram: A land of opportunity for new tight ends. Narrowly missed 1,000 yards receiving on 40 catches as a senior.

QB Ryan Buchanan: One of the early commits. What do you need more in the spread/up tempo offense? Pocket passer or mobility? The likely answer is both. Buchanan is the pocket passer.

ATH Derrick Jones: All-district in football and basketball at Eupora.

RB Jordan Wilkins: Huge pick-up after departure of Peyton Barber. Rebels need a back that can bang.

QB Devante Kincade: Mr. Mobility.

WR Quincy Adeboyejo: Nick pick-up late in the process. Four stars, all-area second team in Dallas metro, former Texas Tech commit.

OL Davion Johnson: Three stars, rated among top 20 players in Mississippi.

WR Laquon Treadwell: Nation’s No. 1 WR prospect. Immediate impact expected.

WR Trey Bledsoe: Another talented athlete who has been in the class a long time. Missed time this season with a broken collar bone.

DB Bobby Hill: Second-team all-state in Georgia as a WR. Good hands are always good to have in the secondary.

DL Robert Nkemdiche: This guy enjoyed the recruiting process. As excited as they are to have him, many Ole Miss fans equally glad to have drama behind them.

OL Laremy Tunsil: Nation’s No. 1 OL prospect leads the way as Ole Miss loads up to replace two tackles who will be seniors next year. It’s not all about 2014 for Tunsil. Look for early playing time.

TE A.J. Jackson: At 6-6, a big target, athletic. Also served as long snapper.

RB Eugene Brazley: One of three speed backs in the class. Seemed to be more buzz about Moore and Dodson during the process, but Brazley is a four-star back, No. 20 player in Louisiana.

LB Ray Ray Smith: Three stars. No. 20 player in Alabama by Rivals.

OL Daronte Bouldin: Three stars, No. 6 player in Mississippi by Scout.

RB Kailo Moore: Four star back with lots of speed. Went Ole Miss to MSU to Ole Miss. 11-time Class 2A champion in high school track career.

OL Austin Golson: Four stars, another key lineman where Ole Miss got in late and closed the deal.

DB Tony Conner: Freeze went head-to-head with Saban to keep local talent at home.

DL Herbert Moore: At 330 pounds, a lot of mass in the middle where Rebels lose Gilbert Pena, Uriah Grant.

DB David Kamara: Nkemdiche’s good friend. Rated No. 70 cornerback in country by


Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • By the time most of these dudes are juniors, Ole MI$$ will be starting the first year of a 5 year probation penalty. It’s just a matter of time. Mississippi State University got the guys they wanted and did it without risking NCAA penalties. Enjoy the “pub”, and trust me there will more “pub” to come as news comes out about a $50,000.00 car someone’s grandparents just got today! WWoww!!!! What a coindenzadenza…NCAA is already lookin’ into how the car just appeared in their driveway this morning…more to come Goofbears…HEHEHEHE

    “The beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad , so I had one more for dessert.”

  • By the time these guys are juniors, Ole Mi$$ will be under NCAA probation and playing for nothing. No Bowls, No Championships, No Nothing..Enjoy it Goofbears, you will get what you deserve and Oh! by the way , what’s this about someone’s grandparents getting a brand new $50,000.00 car this morning…WHAT?!?!?! NCAA is already checking into that one as well as The Treadwell Scandal and what about the grades? lots of questions and clues for the NCAA to speed up the start of the impending invesitigaion. Stay tuned…..
    “the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, so I had one more for dessert.”

    • handy010

      Poor little sad boy, you have been spewing lies on here for weeks. Do we need to put you on suicide watch? I am really getting worried about you. It cant be healthy carrying all of that hate around. Poor, poor little sad boy.

  • jrebel87

    I try to keep things civil when I make comments, but Buell Dagg…… are a prime example of the phrase “jealous much.” I hope YOU enjoy this: Rivals-7th ranked class, 247sports-2nd ranked class, ESPN-5th ranked class. Read it and weep Buell Dagg….read it and weep. Enjoy getting your butt handed to you for the next few years. Oh and one more thing…you can’t even begin to talk about enticing players…it was your fans that gave death threats to Chris Jones when it came out that he visited Oxford. 41-24 my man….41-24.

    • sugarreb

      He will be history in a few more hours jrebel187 they have pinpointed him. Can you spell SLANDER. As Ricky Ricardo used to say on the show I love Lucy…. LUCY YOU GOT SOME SPLAING TO DO.

  • From what I see and gather on Ole Miss web site, I would say that they had a very good day on this signing day.

    • Stand by JB, the Rebs are coming after the Gators!!!

      • VaReb the Gators maybe in the self destruct mode,their talented baseball team did just that last season in the college world series, now the basketball team seem on a destruction course, But the gators also had a very good signing day as well.So did FSU and Miami and MIss Southern.

  • #FailState

    When you manifest the light, you will become a dart board for others fears, doubts, and insecurities. #hottytoddy #RebelNation

  • mantachie

    Buell Bagg, if we are doing it dirty then we should be hit with sanctions, I have more faith in Freeze faith to say i dont think he is. Here is the thing, Go to inside Ms State Blog and their are no comments, not even under Chris Jones States big sign, ( i hate it for brad locke, a good writer who has no fan support). Something is not right with that picture. No wonder you come on here to rant.
    It is the way you get to someone to see what you write. How would you or turf guy feel if every one on this site went to Brads on State and started just dogging State every day. Why do we not–because we have something to talk about right here.
    go Rebs

  • 41-24

    Buell Dagg, you represent State perfectly! You are a prime example of their fans. You so deserve each other! Order has been restored! 41-24

  • Reb

    What a pityful embaressing St fan Buell Dagg is. Pointing his finger in the air screaming slander. MS State is the one that is awaiting sanctions for being caught cheating, not Ole Miss. Get real.

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