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Spanning the globe on a Friday morning …

Ole Miss baseball opens a three-game series with Rhode Island today at 4 at Swayze Field. The Rams, heading south for the winter, played three at Florida State last weekend. Two weren’t close but one went to extras. They take on Mississippi State in the mid-week after leaving Oxford. …

A good read here from ESPN’s Andy Katz on the state of the Rebels following the 63-62 loss at struggling South Carolina and what Ole Miss has to do to reach the NCAA tournament as it clings to dwindling hopes for an at-large bid.

Winning out for Ole Miss would have to begin with Auburn at home Saturday afternoon at 4. Auburn coach Tony Barbee talks about a bright future for the Tigers, but columnist Kevin Scarbinsky says it’s hard to see. Early success to build confidence could be a key for both of these teams Saturday.

Winning out would also require winning at Mississippi State, a place that Ole Miss has traditionally had very little success, but a road game that’s been an after thought given how the Rebels dominated MSU in Oxford and how the Bulldogs have still continued to struggle. Given the Rebels’ loss at South Carolina, and the Bulldogs’ effort at Alabama, is it still an after thought?

Elsewhere …

Nick Saban added former Florida International coach Mario Cristobal to his staff earlier this week. …

LSU baseball got a scare from BYU last night but rallied in the ninth to win 6-5. …


Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • Ha! You all laugh at Buell Dagg when you read his “outrageous” statements, but you will see. I stated 2 weeks ago that the “Fightin’ Squidwards” would tumble here at the end and that going to the NIT ain’t so bad. As with basketball, you will soon see that my statements about the impending NCAA investigation will pan out also. I have alot of friends across the country who are connected to the insiders of college sport and I hear alot more than I let leak out.
    “I think I’ll take off my shoes…head upstairs and watch the news.”

    • JB

      Down here in the back wood and swamps of NW Florida we don’t here much about the Mississippi teams, I keep hearing about the impending NCAA investigation of Ole Miss on this blog, Please tell me what its all about. the rebel basketball team does have its work cut out for them to make it to the NCAA tournament dance, but its still possible,that is if they have the “right stuff”.. That rebel baseball team had better not take the Rhodies for granted, if so they could be in for a big surprise. FSU Noles did that and just managed to take the Sunday game by a walk off homer for the sweep.

      • handy010

        The only one talking about that is this Buell Dagg idiot. He is an obsessed state fan spreading his lies because he hates Ole Miss. State has been under investigation for a while now for recruiting violations. You can find that on the internet

    • Concerned

      You mean tumble the the “Bullet-head’s mongrels”? lol Your team has sunk about as low as any in recent memory. I can understand why you’re obsessed with Ole Miss since your school’s Basketball has lost all of the relevance it ever had ..

      And on that imaginary investigation you keep mentioning: How’s that REAL NCAA investigation into your pups recruiting violations going? Strange how Turfguy never responds to comment about that…

    • handy010

      Poor little sad boy, once again you prove that Ole Miss owns you. I have asked you before but because you are a poor little sad boy you do not reply, but you do know that your beloved Moo-U is the one being investigated right? And do not try to say you are not a state fan like you did before. I have seen your Facebook page. Keep coming on here and trying to spread your lies poor little sad boy, because you are so obsessed with Ole Miss you can not help yourself. Poor poor sad boy

  • “The Meat Market” is happening at Otown as we speak. Cars, ladies and cashola are some recruiting tools being used by programs that will go unmentioned, but not unscathed. That light at the end of the tunnel is actually the NCAA’s infrared sight bearing down upon thee.
    ” Ol Lord, stuck in Lodi, again.”

    • concerned

      You should know what that light looks like. Your pups have been under it for quite a few months now ….

    • handy010

      Again, Ole Miss owns you Buell Dagg. You are totally consumed with all things Ole Miss, you poor little sad boy

  • The Fightin’ Squidwards are projected to be a #5 seed…………. in the NIT….
    “long ago or so it seams”

    • concerned

      Let’s see; “Bullethead’s Mongrels” are seeded #14 – at home.

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