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Ole Miss basketball is at rival MSU Friday, the next quest in winning out to remain in the NCAA tournament conversation.

Not everyone believes that an Ole Miss team at 13-5 in the SEC deserves to be in the conversation.

Here’s this from Reid “Ole Miss? Who have you beat? Sure, it defeated a Missouri team without Laurence Bowers. But, please. This is a team that lost to Middle Tennessee and lost to Indiana State. While I’d love to see what sort of antics Marshall Henderson would cook up on the big stage of the NCAA tourney, you can’t lose at South Carolina, ranked 201st in RPI. Even though Ole Miss’ 57th ranking in RPI suggests it should be right on the bubble, it just doesn’t have a quality win. Beating Tennessee twice aren’t the quality wins this team needs to impress the committee. Going 3-5 in its last eight games won’t help, either, and there’s not another statement game available on the rest of the schedule. What a poor year for an SEC with a weak Kentucky team.”

The Rebels will go for their 22nd win at MSU tomorrow and what would be their first season sweep of the rival school since 1998. Ole Miss has twice won back-to-back games against MSU during that stretch but according to Ole Miss records hasn’t won two games in the same season against MSU in the last 15 years.

MSU players are hoping they can learn and grow from what has become a 13-game losing streak.

Elsewhere in college basketball, Duke is not on the bubble but is in the news after its famous coach cursed at a Virginia fan during what he termed poor security after the Blue Devils were upset on the road. …

Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • The NCAA investigation is heating up with the latest bit of news about recruiting. My sources are telling me that it will be just the tip of the iceberg. It will trail back to the University of Miami?
    “The magazine she flips through is a special double issue, smells like perfume, she leaves it on the plane.”

    • Concerned

      Is that where that ONGOING investigation of Moo U is trailing back to? My sources are telling me Turfguy was turned down for admission to THE University of Mississippi…

      Why don’t you just re-apply? They might overlook your past educational deficiencies…

    • Roger Davis

      This particular blog piece is about basketball and the opponents of Ole Miss. You’re the fool that brought up an investigation. Explain all you want, but its very clear your obsession with Ole Miss consumes the majority of your time. I’ve seen others, even MSU supporters, suggesting you need help and now I’m certain… they are right.

  • JB

    It appears that the SEC basketball is a weak conference this season, Kentucky not their normal selves, MIss State has flopped, LSU no power and never know which Gator team will show up. Ole MIss doing better, but nothing to brag about, MIssouri could come out the overall winner. JB

  • 2 year bowl ban, loss of 25 scholarships over a 3 year probation period. Maybe the NCAA should really punish Ole Mi$$ and make ’em go the the BBVA Compost Bowl every year!
    “Jeremiah was a bullfrog! he was a good friend of mine! I never understood a single word he said, but he always had some mighty fine wine.”

    • handy010

      Poor little sad boy, still obsessed with Ole Miss. More funny post though, keep them coming. We like laughing at you Moo-U folks

    • Concerned

      Wow. The NCAA is banning Moo U for 2 years from bowls and losing 25 scholarships? Must be since that is the ACTIVE investigation that is going on now…

      2 year ban won’t hurt anyways. Dandy Dan’s on the downhill slide …

  • InternationalTraveler

    Well, good to see Ole Miss win a few more games, but I’d have to agree, Ole Miss doesn’t deserve to be in the NCAA tournament. It’s time for Coach K to take his game to Juco or HS. He has not made any adjustments in the entire time he has been at OM. A successful coach always gets better as the season goes on. Kennedy always begins the season with promise but it never develops. Over the past several years our free throw shooting still remains consistently poor. Our ability to guard in transition has remained consistently the same.

    On another note, we are here in the Florida Keys on vacation. Let me just say, Florida is the trashiest state I have ever been to. Every person we have met has reminded me of the stinking, drunk, carnival ride operators you meet at the county fairs each year. The Jewish business owners (not being anti-Semitic, just the facts) and the Yankees from the northeast have turned this place into to con-artist capitol of the world. Never use your credit card in Florida, they place strange deposits, hidden fees, and unauthorized payments on your plastic that takes a long hard process to get removed.

    Our first experience was what was listed as a 4 star resort in Marathon Florida called Casa del Sol. We booked a 3 bedroom condo for $2500. Online it describe a tropical paradise with a private beach, but when we arrived, we found a vacation nightmare. There were hypodermic needles, sharp glass and metal on their beach area, not to mention the rusted out grills and broken lawn furniture. Upon arrival in the room we found no working restroom, blood and semen covered bedding, open alcohol containers, drugs, broken dryer, and a 19.6 gallon water heater for a 3 bed/2 bath. The place was worse than any motel I’ve ever seen. When we complained to the front desk they laughed and said, “we don’t give refunds for any reason.” We immediately called our credit card company who said it was really left to the merchants policies, but they would file a request. We called the Monroe County Health Dept. who informed us they do not regulate hotels, condos, or rental properties of any type in Florida. There is basically no one to call. You are left at the mercy of the merchant. Be warned! Also, never use, they do nothing to help their patrons, either. We have been waiting for 2 days on a returned call.

    Our next experience came today when we had to cancel a SCUBA diving trip at Dive Duck Key SCUBA shop due to 15 knot winds, lightening, and rain. This place had the same policy, no refunds for any reason. If there had been a hurricane, we still would have been charged. Safety didn’t matter, they just want your money.

    These are just two examples of probably ten things that have happened so far. Others include a waitress that changed a $7.10 tip to $27.10. The hotel we moved to from the nightmare condo charged our credit card 2x for the room. We will get that money back, but only after a 15-30 day wait and a $35 fee from the cc company.

    I will never come to Florida, ever again. However, I want to warn any unsuspecting traveler that Florida has very few regulations that protect consumers, especially credit card patrons. If you come here, use only cash at the time you get the service, never reserve anything by phone or on the internet.

    The state in general is trashy. There is trash all over the highways and the hotels and restaurants are disgustingly putrid. I’ve been to third world countries and I have never seen the likes of this hell hole. We have spent 3 days of our vacation working on getting refunds or correcting unauthorized charges to our credit card. This place is full of financial terrorism and drugs. People are rude, the food is processed and flavorless. They don’t care what you think about their businesses because they have your money and they know more unsuspecting tourists are heading down the highways to get robbed.

    I must point out the one positive we have found was the Monroe County Sheriffs Deputy who came out to the first condo nightmare we were in and arrested the manager for fraud because we proved to him that they had placed $434 in unauthorized charges on our cc. He was very professional and apologetic. I think he was one of few honest people who live in this state. I recommend you go on vacation anywhere but here. People can make fun of Ms rednecks and our southern drawl, but you would never experience anything like this in Ms or anywhere else in the US. Florida is a DUMP! No wonder so many athletes leave the state for other college experiences. The best thing that could happen is if this whole place goes under the ocean and takes every person who lives here with it.

    • JB

      Ole Miss baseball team is on the way there for the weekend series, so hope they get the message. JB

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