SEC opening night

Video: Opening Night

The bottom four seeds open the tournament tonight. We are about 15 minutes from the start of MSU-South Carolina. Good seats are still available.

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  • JB

    Opening night to decide which of this group will be selected to one the 64 invitees for the big dance. Florida Gators there,who will be the other team ? could be a surprise team that makes it. My guess is it will be Kentucky. Of this 64 invited teams we will probably see a team with a losing record. and just how did they make it there over other big winning team who will sit it out at home or invited to NIT. Could it be a Spin call political correctness that has crept into today’s socialist society. I don’t know but it will probably happen that some very good deserving basketball team/ Team’s will be punished because of some of the stupid ideas circulating in this country. JB

  • Squidward! Coach of The Year?!? After last night’s tourny win, Ricky Ray is hands down the SEC Coach of The Year! He coached his 7 players better than anyone in the league. To beat an SEC team, even if it was SoCar, (hey they had 13 players) is a remarkable feat. Squidward! What a joke!

    “”keep adding rocks and soon the well will be dry.”

    • Roger Davis

      I see you are just flapping your gums. I like Rick Ray but the award is Coach of the Year, not Coach of the game. Plus we beat the 12th seeded team in the tournament. Two of our players are better than South Carolina’s whole team, the water boy and the bus driver. And to top all off, the award was announced BEFORE the SEC Tournament began. Either you’re trying to poke fun or you should be admitted to the looney farm and they should throw away the key.

    • concerned

      Wow! I bet Duke is kicking themselves for keeping Coach K. They could have had the best coach ever in college! (in case anybody didn’t get it like bdagg, that was sarcasm…)

      Oops. Guess now Georgia’s coach should be coach of the year now that they beat that msu dynasty!

  • Here are today’s fun facts. Brought to you, by Buell Dagg. When you want to know the facts, read Buell Dagg. Bringing the truth for over 4 years. Fun Fact #1. Ole MI$$ is the only SEC West basketball team, other than newcomer Texas A&M, to have never won an SEC Tournament. Fun Fact #2. Ole MI$$ is the only SEC West football team, other than the Aggies, to have never made it to Atlanta. Fun Fact #3. Since Vaught’s departure, Ole MI$$ football has been stinkin’ up the joint.

    “WEEEEE want the funk, gotta have that funk.”

    • StarReb

      Wrong!!!! 1981, Sean, Elston, etc. Beat GA w/ Dominique Wilkins. Yes but the ONE time that State made it to Atlanta they backed in with a 5-3 record I believe. Ole Miss lost out to LSU with a 7-1 record due to the head to head loss even though LSU was 7-1 also. Since 1970 the NCAA has the Ole Miss State series 26-16 Ole Miss, so if Ole Miss is stinking up the joint what is $tate doing? Just asking.

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