Uniform Reaction

I am working on a story with reaction to the new football uniform combinations. So far it’s a mix of excitement and a reluctance to change the traditional look.

Any thoughts?

I’d like use a couple of responses in the print edition.

Here’s the Youtube link to Saturday’s presentation of the uniforms. LINK

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  • Patrick Houlihan

    I love the idea of keeping our traditional uniforms but making things interesting by adding some new alternate looks.

    I like having navy pants as an option, but they need some red to be added, especially when used with navy and white jerseys. Outline “REBELS” in red, add a script “Ole Miss” in red somewhere, or find some other way of adding red. Having nothing but navy and white on the jerseys and pants makes them look like they don’t belong with the same uniform as the helmet, as if a Kentucky player put on an Ole Miss helmet. The gray pants only have the single red stripe on each side, but its absence makes a huge difference.

  • Jim Galloway

    I LOVE everything about the new look, except the red jersey with the blue pants. I’d call the look 21st Century Traditional.

  • Ron

    I have always loved our current uniform, our helmets are second to none, our jersey style can be said to be just that, ours. Only a select few programs have worn this style for decades(LSU,USC, maybe some others), the pants are even unique. Put me on the side of tradition, but !, I understand and support Coach Freeze and the kids gearing up with the new, the only negative I have toward the new is the lettering on the side of the pants, the lettering on the pants has to go.

  • donttouchatwire

    Bjork has already said on twitter that they will remain with the traditional uniforms for majority of the time. It’s nice to have options. From a fan standpoint many of us enjoy seeing a change of pace from time to time but many do not. My opinion is it needs to be just that. Rare occasion. From a player standpoint I think the kids love them. Evidence in the video at the end when they are all hooping and hollering and junmping around the room high fiving one another. My favorite was the white shirts with blue stripes and numbers with the blue pants.

  • JB

    I keep hearing “tradition” just what is their tradition?

  • When I was there for the Egg Bowl, I noticed alot of guys were wearing scarves and pointed toe shoes. Maybe they can add some scarves to the uniforms and get some pointed toed cleats. Nothing says football in Otown, like a warm ascot.

    “and you may see me tonight with an illegal smile, it don’t cost very much, but it lasts a long while.”

  • ostrogoth

    It’s a brilliant move by UM sports marketing and Hugh Freeze. Rebs have always had a really good looking uniform, but kids these days want more, because they want to get noticed. With exception to M-State helmets in the egg bowl (and Georgia black helmet)l, throwbacks or new wrinkles always kind of rejuvinate. Ole Miss has bascially sucked during BCS era, so why not progress into the 22nd century?

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