Nutt says Ole Miss should contend in SEC West now

Mike Herndon of The Mobile Register caught up with Houston Nutt at the SEC’s BeachFest in Gulf Shores on Saturday.

Interesting comments from the former Ole Miss coach. While Hugh Freeze talks about “journey,” Nutt says Ole Miss should contend in the SEC West this season.

The Rebels are in this position, he says, due in part to recruiting — his recruiting and Freeze’s recruiting.


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  • JB

    I must disagree with Houston Nutt, not this season, Nutt had the chance and blew it.There is no way the Rebels beat the Tide, LSU possible Texas A&M no, I would say No 4 SEC West this season.

    • Killer_Beeze

      I say the Rebels have an excellent chance of beating the Tigers and the Aggies both in Oxford. The Rebels lost both games last year to those two teams by a total of 9 points…because, of a young & inexperienced defense. Coach Freeze has a nastier/stingier defense to complement the high octane offense of Bo Wallace, Scott and Montcrief.
      I think Nutt can see what is so obvious to other sports gurus.
      Fins up!!!

  • JB

    Six SEC teams in the top 12 of this poll: Ole Miss face three of them so the ball is in the Rebels hands to make em or break em. WE shall see if Rebs have the right stuff.

    2013 AP College Football Preseason Top-25

    1. Alabama

    2. Ohio State

    3. Oregon

    4. Stanford

    5. Georgia

    6. South Carolina

    7. Texas A&M

    8. Clemson

    9. Louisville

    10. Florida

    11. Florida State

    12. LSU

    The Tide is in the hot seat, not many teams have been rated at #1 and held that rating the entire season, I believe Sooners and FSU Seminoles were s two teams that pulled it off, and maybe Ohio State

  • Cid Riley

    So Nutt gets hammered at Orange Beach and spews pearls of wisdom. He just put pressure on Freeze and gave himself credit in one sentence. What an idiotic statement. I am surprised Coach O hasn’t chimed in yet. Wonder what Nutt will say about Ole Miss getting NCAA probation?

    • rid ciley

      resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die

    • Toddyrebel

      Lol! State fans are so ignorant! Why Try to sling mud when it’s only going to muddy YOUR face? The REDNECK mentality I guess! Hope your trailer house has running water! Lol!

  • Cid Riley

    Who said I was a State fan? You’re assuming alot and you know what happens when you ASSUME things, right?

  • REB

    looking at the wrong school for probation. TRY CASH MONEY MI$$ $TATE. You know the school that has been caught RED HANDED DOING DIRTY TRICKS.

  • Cid Riley

    Uh oh…trouble brewing ….NCAA interviewing prominent booster about a couple of cars that he “loaned” to a couple of recruits that are on the roster….stay tuned

    • rid ciley

      Curbing the appetite of jealousy is not an easy task. However, if you really want to be set free from it, it will require patience, faith, and self control.

      Genesis 4: 4-8

  • REB

    FLASH, FLASH. My sources say LOOK OUT. The MI$$ $TATE pay for play just won’t go away. Look for more coming SOON!!!!! STAY TUNED

  • REB

    Curbing ones appetite for lying is not easy to be set free of. But if a person really wants to it will require Bible study and prayers for forgiveness.

  • Cid Riley

    Wow!! You’re all in denial. Don’t come crying to me, when all this goes down These are serious improprieties that have been committed. #olemissprobation2014

  • Cid Riley

    These recruiting violations are very serious..not only are they a blatant spit in the face of amateur sport , but they’re morally reprehensible. Shame, shame, shame!!!

  • REB

    Remember what was said, if wants to be set free from lying. It won’t be easy when one has doing it for years. Just try very hard and pray. A miracle may happen.

  • REB

    Recruiting violations are very serious..They a spit in the face of amateur sport , just plain reprehensible. I agree turf guy. That mean old “CASH MONEY MI$$ $TATE” money trail for players is terrible. That good old Ole Miss hasn’t done a thing thou. But Shame, shame, shame!!! on that bad old “CASH MONEY MI$$ $TATE

  • Cid Riley

    Some folk just can’t handle the truth! It is kind of sad and I almost feel sorry for Ole Miss…nah, heck Freeze has made this mess himself, cause he knew that he couldn’t compete with Mullen without cheating.

  • Cid Riley

    Hugh Freeze is just a cheap imitation of Gene Chizik and we know how that ended up down on the plains. The “grave” will be just a place for Ole Miss drunks to drown their sorrow. RIP Ole Miss.

  • REB

    Some folk just can’t handle the truth! when they see it, sad and I almost feel sorry for CASH MONEY MI$$ $TATE…nah, Mullens has made this mess himself, cause he knew that he couldn’t compete with FREEZE He stomped him in the egg bowl and is beating the hell out of him in recruiting two years running, heck at this rate $TATE will be begging for mercy.

  • Cid Riley

    Is there an echo in here? Or is it just another Ole Miss fan being an Ole Miss fan?

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