Sawyer arrested

Ole Miss defensive back Charles Sawyer was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with DUI and running a stop sign, Lafayette County Sheriff’s records show.

Rebels coach Hugh Freeze late Sunday said he had recently learned of the incident and was gathering information.

Freeze will hold his regular Monday press conference this afternoon.

Sawyer, a senior from Miami, was held out of the Rebels’ 31-13 win over Southeast Missouri in an effort to get him healthy to play this week at Texas. He played only sparingly at Vanderbilt and spent most of August camp recovering from off-season surgeries to his rotator cuff and meniscus. It is the staff’s hope that Sawyer, when he’s next available, can bring some stability to a shaky situation at cornerback.

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  • austgoff5

    Will he miss the Texas game completely?

    • Nick King

      No, hangovers do not last that long.

      • Sam Emerson

        disagree, he will be suspended if the allegations are correct. no way he can play.

        • matt2021

          Freeze bought the entire team. Why would he have morals now? He will also have hundreds of alumni lawyers that will be happy to get him off of the charges.

          • Matt33

            Got any proof of buying the team? I would love to see it please.

          • matt2021

            Ncaa does hope you all were not planning on going to a bowl. Top recruits just magically started choosing tsun over Alabama and notre dame. Yeah that’s plausible.

          • Lee814

            I suppose you have an inside track with the NCAA and have all this information. OM would not have had the recruiting class it did if the #1 recruit in the nation’s brother were not already there. Robert was the reason for several of the others choosing OM. You are obviously a disgruntled MSU fan who knows that OM is on the rise and MSU is destined for the dumps again. Hope you enjoy your 4 win season this year!

          • matt2021

            Yes you’re right. Om barely beat vanderbuilt at the last second. I’m super jealous. Interviews are being done about misconduct. Om may win 5 games.

          • Lee814

            Vanderbilt was a much better team last year than MSU and will be again this year. I guess you saw where Texas San Antonio scored 35 points on OSU. How many did MSU score against OSU? Oh yeah, 3 big ones!

          • matt2021

            Come back to the thread Sunday and let me know how it feels to get beat a declining team and I will let you know about our auburn win.

          • Lee814

            Matt, It is not Sunday yet, but I’m back. You were saying? Like I said, enjoy your 4 win season!

          • Rebelkev

            Say it with me! I.AM.AN OLE MISS REBEL!!!!!!!!!

          • jcreb

            Wrong on both counts.

            Instead of lavishing vitriol on the teams you hate, your time would be better spent supporting and building up the team you love.

          • bill codner

            I got no skin in this game but Hugh Freeze is a hell of a coach. He’s been a winner every place he’s gone and will always be. If Saban weren’t at Bama, Freeze would be my man.

          • Rebelkev

            Vandy would beat that school beneath us 42-7.

          • Floyd

            There are schools beneath you? Really? Hmm, haven’t heard that. Didn’t know it got any lower.

          • Lee814

            You obviously do not know Hugh Freeze and have not spent any time with him. If you did, you would not accuse him of having no morals. He is one of the best Christian coaches in the country. You owe him a huge apology!

          • matt2021

            So the Christian thing for pastor to do would be to let him go. Maybe you’re right and he knew nothing of payments to players

  • Oldreb64

    Freeze will handle this situation and sit him for the Texas game. Sawyer is a good guy, just made a bad mistake. He will take his punishment and learn from it.

  • Cid Riley

    Selfish act. Where were the leaders? Should’ve been keeping watch on a teammate. Where is the accountability? It’s a problem that the NCAA created when they took away athletic dormitories. Just a dumb decision. Call a teammate, call a coach, call a taxi.

  • Cid Riley

    Lack of self control? Too many “me” players? Its hard to control players that don’t buy into the ” team first ” concept. You must place team ahead of yourself. Don’t do foolish things that will hurt the TEAM.

    • Matt33

      So who are these other “me” players. Since there are “too many” there should be tons of reports of these horrible players. Please provide some references.

    • stepehenburke

      As a former player in Oxford (back when many in the student body thought we were all on dope) I know what a fishbowl Oxford can be. I had a son graduate there, many of his friends a frat brothers were awarded with DUIs. When the local police and local DA started going after Alumni (4 of my friends received DUIs) it got way out of hand. On a ball game week end in Oxford, Auburn, Athens, etc, the cops could hand our hundreds or thousands of DUIs, so hopefully the kid will be ok.

  • JB

    Sometimes a person can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, this could been what happened to Charles Sawyer,I Just don’t know this, Ole Mi$$ money and influence will probably get him off. I think we will see him playing against Texas this week-end. As they say up there Toddy Toddy. or what ever that thing is. Ole MI$$ could be the richest school in the SEC, Doctors, lawyers, fans and Boosters, what a life!!!!

  • Cid Riley

    Matt33, if you look, I ended the sentences with a question mark. I am questioning if this team is lacking off the field leaders. If some of the players may put themselves ahead of the TEAM. It was a selfish action, to put himself in that position.

    • Rebelkev

      Yeah, a college kid that drank alcohol and drove. That NEVER happens at any other university, especially that school beneath us. /sarcasm

  • Cid Riley

    Remember! Cash is untraceable. This team wasn’t bought. Now some players may have been heavily seduced by material goods or other incentives, but the NCAA will sort all that out.

  • REB

    I wish I could come to this Ole Miss blog site just time without having to hear a bunch of Mi$$ $TATE BLOWHARDS. They have a MI$$ $TATE blog but they just can’t help blowing from both ends.

    • Missouri Rebel

      True, so true…a win over powerhouse Alcorn State and the Miss A&M fans are back out in force displaying arrogance and ignorance….


    Sawyer is a good kid, I have no doubts about that. He had a lapse in judgment and is doing his time. Freeze has proven to be an ethical man of integrity. Rebelnation will be rooting for you Charles to be back soon. Hold your head up and learn from this lesson. You can be forgiven and move forward to have a great year. Good luck.

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