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Interesting stuff from strength coach Paul Jackson yesterday with what he had to say about the freshmen as possible NFL draft picks but also from what some might consider a more mundane topic.


Ole Miss has recently hired a nutritionist, and when the dining room opens Jackson and the staff will be able to have a better handle on what players are eating.

Jackson says it’s hard to get players to buy in to the idea of food and rest as vital components to success on the field.

“It’s hard, really really really hard, so I’m glad we got a nutritionist on board, and once we get the facility here it will be a lot easier. They don’t fully understand the impact that it has, and even if they do understand and you give them a plan, they’re not going to execute it. They don’t have access to those things. They don’t know how to shop and cook. When we have the facility up and running it will be a huge help for us,” he said.

Listening to Jackson yesterday I thought back to my own college experience. That made me think of Karen Griffin, who in 1987 took pity on the guys at 800 Filhiol in Monroe, La., and did some cooking in our kitchen. She inquired of me, “How many times a week do y’all eat hamburger?” I thought, “You ask that as if hamburger is a bad thing. It has a lot of versatility.”

Anyway, good points from Paul Jackson there, and the nutritionist and dining hall are forward steps in building a competitive program.

The old dining hall at the IPF was not equipped to prepare full meals. It’s been gutted and work is under way on the new one, which is also supposed to be open to the public. I don’t know what the exact details on that are, but that’s a good thing.

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