Bjork’s plan for keeping Freeze

I spoke with Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork earlier today.

If the Ole Miss season continues along its current path you can expect Hugh Freeze’s name to be mentioned with job openings.

There’s a lot of football still to be played, but in just three weeks there has been a lot of turmoil and speculation at some of college football’s biggest programs — Texas, Nebraska and Southern Cal.

Bjork says the best way to approach interest in Freeze is for Ole Miss to express commitment up front, not by simply writing a big check on the back end.

“It’s doing little things along the way to show commitment in the program, things like re-doing The Manning Center, the locker room, the dining facility, weight room and team room. It’s showing that we want football to be played at the highest level here, and doing things like that make a statement.”

Bjork continued: “We’ve got ideas, we’ve got plans. We want coach Freeze here for a long, long time. He’s the right fit for us. I think he sees it that way as well.”

Last December Freeze’s contract was extended through 2016, and his salary increased from $1.5 million to $2 million.

Bjork also increased by 10 percent the salary pool from which Freeze pays assistant coaches.

Bjork believes Ole Miss can compete in straight salary terms as well.

“As our budget grows, as our season tickets grow, as our donations grow and our campaign evolves, I think we can be very competitive within our league and within college football.”

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  • Cid Riley

    It’s a good solid plan that Bjork has laid out. I don’t figure Freeze to leave, but when a school waves about $4,000,000.00 per year under his nose…there may be some hesitation to say no!

  • Penny Oakley

    The AD does have a good plan. Whenever other schools make a play for Hugh Freeze, I’m sure they’ll deal with it.

  • Cid Riley

    There are many questions surrounding the sharkfins, right now. Will the NCAA find more intel on the recruiting process? Will a school make “an offer that Hugh can’t refuse”? Can they make a run over the next 4 weeks?

    • Gator

      I see you haven.t surrendered and still putting up a strong fight.. In reference you last question. No 1-3 record

    • nonfiction2

      Maybe…maybe not.

    • Lee814

      No. There’s probably not much “intel” to be found. Hugh Freeze’s name will definitely come up concerning job openings, but I believe that he genuinely wants to build a program at OM. I also believe he is a man who will honor his commitment to his players. He is no Tommy Tuberville. Looking at the next four games: I believe the Rebels will be in every game just as they were last year. In the end, I think they will probably win two of those games. After those four, I believe they have a legitimate shot to win out in the final five.

  • Lee814

    Here is a link to a story from the DJ about Nick Saban and Texas. If I am going to share hypothetical thoughts, I like having a story that talks about.

    I have seen some other interesting posts about this as well. More interesting than a Hugh Freeze going to Texas is the question, would Texas be able to lure Nick Saban? I don’t think it is that far fetched. Before OM hired Hugh Freeze, I posted that OM should look at Nick Saban because he really needed a challenge again. Of course, I was not being serious about that. Freeze was my top choice all along. But Saban has proven he can win big in the SEC. Does he want the challenge of being able to recruit and win national championships in the Big 12?

  • Cid Riley

    I am thinking that it was Jimmy Sexton, being Jimmy Sexton. He routinely leaks out stories like this one, to drive up his client’s salaries. He is the best agent period!

    • Killer_Beeze

      There you go again Cidley…thinking. That could be dangerous to your health. Take your meds and chill out.

  • Cid Riley

    If the Bama game was in Oxford, I believe sharkfins could do it. I have them losing to Auburn, Bama and the fighting Manziels, but beating LSU….

  • Cid Riley

    Hey bzzzz! Nice link. the slant.

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