Siskey Gate and other news

From the Mother Ship this morning …

Our take on Siskey-Gate as Hugh Freeze defends his former staffer and tries to move on to Auburn.

The presser notebook includes Freeze’s plan this week for Ryan Aplin.

And Gene Phelps recalls former LSU coach Paul Dietzel who died last week at 89. Dietzel may not have been the hated rival to John Vaught’s Rebels that you might expect.



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  • thegiantrebel

    Hey PA,
    I’ve heard a few folks say that Moncrief posted a tweet saying that Ole Miss will never lose another game. I dont remember seeing this, and it’s not on his timeline.
    Do you remember seeing this after the loss to Alabama? Does Anyone?

    • Parrish Alford

      I do not remember seeing that tweet. Seems like that would have been one that really made the rounds and got blown up.

      • thegiantrebel

        I agree! thanks PA.

    • JB

      sounds like a Tbow remark after ole Miss beat the Gators in the “Swamp”! I don’t think it worked out very well afterwards.

      • thegiantrebel

        well, it worked out well for Tebow!

    • Lee814

      I saw his tweet, but I believe it was that OM would not be shut out again. He did not say they would not lose again.

    • Missouri Rebel

      I did see the tweet….It said: “Getting ready for next week and we got a chip on our shoulder. I promise we will not lose another game as a team. Nobody will outwork us!!”
      I don’t have any problem with Moncrief’s statement. As a player, you better have the mind set that you will not lose another game…I like the positive attitude! A player making that statement sounds encouraging and he is not calling out any opposing team or players.

      • NT5150

        Saying we are not going to lose again is as delusional as the whole “I Believe” crap from MSU last year. Just prepare, line up, and play….the cream will always rise to the top. Let’s not make statements…like Cousin Eddie does…that will come back to haunt us. Humility is our best friend these days…not arrogance.

        • Missouri Rebel

          Like I said, I don’t mind that attitude from a player, that is the attitude a player needs to have. Now, that same statement from a fan or coach? Just Dumb.

  • rpmjr

    PA, is disagree with this statement, “The game-day location of Siskey, an Anniston, Ala., native, would not be
    an NCAA violation unless he took on duties similar to an on-field

    That sort of assumes he has to be physically on the field. If he assists the coaches in the press box, then that’s no different than coaching from the sideline or the box. Ole Miss was not allowed 10 coaches and 2 GA’s and neither was Alabama.

    Saban has already lied about this. He said that “He (Siskey) really didn’t talk to anybody”. But the 4 seconds (out of 3 hours) footage we have, Siskey is clearly actively communicating with the other coach in the box.

    I don’t see how Saban can break any rule he wants, and everyone rolls over for him. He’s the Manziel of head coaches.

    • Parrish Alford

      At this point it becomes about the definition of “coach” and how that definition is spun. Does the definition of coach mean talking to players? My thought is Nick Saban was comfortable enough with his own interpretation to put Siskey in the box in an ESPN game. That doesn’t mean his definition is correct. I do not think he’d have put Siskey in the box, though, if he thought it would come back on him.

  • JB

    what difference does it make now – In my viewing of the game Ole Miss got beat and out coached by Alabama, what lies a head is important, put it behind and look ahead and get ready for Auburn.

    • Lee814

      I agree JB. It is time to put that game behind and focus on Auburn.

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