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I have exchanged texts with Hugh Freeze regarding today’s story in the Daily Mississippian which reports that “an estimated 20 football players” were disrespectful and disruptive at an Ole Miss theatre department production.

According to the DM the play is about an openly gay male in Laramie, Wyo., who was murdered.

The story quotes a theatre faculty member who called behavior by the football players, mostly freshmen, “offensive.”

Freeze said within the last hour that he was just beginning to look into the matter. He also said he had learned that there was “a lot of laughter by all students in attendance.”

You can read the story at

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  • Jonathan Weinstein

    I am deeply disturbed by the account of this incident in the DM. Given our civil rights history, we have a special responsibility as a university community to set an example as a learning community that celebrates its diverse student body and provides a respectful and, above all, safe place were our youth can receive an education. Our football players are among the de facto leaders of our community and deserve to be held to a higher standard. That other students in the auditorium were behaving badly therefore does not mitigate their participation in anyway.
    Mr. Freeze has an opportunity to make a statement in the name of a principle more important than wins on a football field. I hope he has the courage to see this incident as a teachable moment complete with acts of genuine remorse,meaningful recompense, and eventually, reconciliation.
    Jonathan Weinstein, Ph.D.
    Class of 2010

    • Gregory White

      What is Mr Freeze going to do? Suspend his players for the Idaho game?

    • Doug

      We’ll said. I completely agree.

    • Mike

      There is a difference between sexual behavior and race or other genetic attributes. I know there is a push to accept all types of sexual behavior as “normal”, but it is not acceptable to many people. That said… People should never intentionally try to insult, hurt, or offend anyone. Just common courtesy for people should dictate that. Treat people how you want to be treated even if you don’t agree with their choices.

    • Killer_Beeze

      Bull feathers. This is a free country with the right to express our feelings without persecution…. expression includes snickering and laughing to. It’s NOT the Soviet Union Mr. Winestein.

      If these young men do not cotton to the homosexual lifestyle then that’s their right. If you do, then that’s your right.

      Matthew Shepard was actually killed by a homosexual lover. Read the facts and learn that the Laramie Project is all lies Mr. Winestein:

      What happened:
      “Matthew Shepard was the winsome young homosexual in Laramie, Wyoming who in October 1998 was tortured, killed, and left hanging grotesquely from a fence. He was discovered almost a day later and later died in the hospital from his horrific wounds.

      On the night of October 6, Shepard met “two strangers” in the Fireside Lounge in Laramie. The two men offered Shepard a ride home but instead drove him to a remote area, robbed him, beat him with pistols, and left him splayed on a fence.

      Cops found the bloody gun along with Shepard’s shoes and wallet in the truck of the two men — Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson.

      McKinney and Henderson claimed the “gay panic” defense, that they freaked out when Shepard came onto them sexually and killed him in a rage. They made other claims, too, but were convicted and sentenced to life in prison.”


      “Thanks to a new book by an award winning GAY journalist we now know that much of this narrative turns out to be false, little more than gay hagiography.

      As gay journalist Aaron Hicklin, writing in The Advocate asks, “How do people sold on one version of history react to being told that the facts are slippery — that thinking of Shepard’s murder as a hate crime does not mean it was a hate crime? And how does it color our understanding of such a crime if the perpetrator and victim not only knew each other but also had sex together, bought drugs from one another, and partied together?”

      This startling revelation comes in The Book of Matt to be published next week by investigative journalist Stephen Jiminez, who over the course of years interviewed over 100 people including Shepard’s friends, friends of the killers, and the killers themselves.

      According to The Advocate, one of the premier gay publications in the country, Jiminez “amassed enough anecdotal evidence to build a persuasive case that Shepard’s sexuality was, if not incidental, certain less central than popular consensus had lead us to believe.”

      Even before Shepard died, two of his friends were peddling the narrative that he died at the hands of vicious homophobes. Within days the gay establishment latched onto what would drive the hate crimes story for years to come; even now, the Laramie Project, a stage play about the killing is performed all over the country. Indeed, it will be performed next week at Ford’s Theater in Washington DC.”

      But what really happened to Matthew Shepard?

      He was beaten, tortured, and killed by one or both of the men now serving life sentences. But it turns out, according to Jiminez, that Shepard was a meth dealer himself and he was friends and sex partners with the man who led in his killing. Indeed, his killer may have killed him because Shepard allegedly came into possession of a large amount of methamphetamine and refused to give it up.”

      But, the liberal media continues to disseminate a false narrative to perpetuate these falsehoods. Just like you see more and more Blacks claiming racism when they are–in reality–the actual perpertrators.

      You know what MR. Winestein, most Americans are sick and tired of your progressive multiculturalism and diversity. That’s the one thing that’s tearing this Christian nation apart. People like you, the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • Cid Riley

    Man, I leave the country and all kinds of chaos breaks loose. It’s a character issue really. Mostly Freshman…It’s a poor reflection on the outstanding recruiting class of 2013. They should be leaders, not followers or instigators.

  • UMBBFan

    I wonder if the people crying off stage were men or women. Suck it up and get over it. I also wonder if they have ever gone to a sporting event and booed. If they have, then they need to get a tissue and stop being hypocrites.

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