Theatre disruption update

Chris Keifer, our education reporter, has been following the story of the theatre production that was disrupted by an audience including football players.

Here’s the update, which includes a single university responds signed by chancellor Dan Jones and athletics director Ross Bjork.

Included in the response is a line that says, “It is clear that some students badly misrepresented the culture of this university.”

The response goes onto outline the next steps, which are interviews with those in attendance. Presumably those interviews are on-going.

“From there, we will work with Student-Affairs and the Bias Incident Response Team to determine the appropriate next steps,” the statement says.

There is no mention of possible player suspensions or what those next steps might be. Ole Miss plays at Auburn Saturday night at 6.


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  • Doug

    I’m curious as to which side of Christianity coach Freeze falls on; the “god hates fags” side or the “god is love” side.

  • Chad

    Doug, I would presume that Coach Freeze would fall under the “God hates sin (of all kinds) but loves people, therefore He sent his Son to pay the penalty for each of our sins so that we can be in a relationship with Him” side of Christianity. As such, I would also presume that Coach Freeze would agree that the appropriate response would be for each of us cosmic rebels (no pun intended…and no matter the sexual orientation…) to lay down all armaments and surrender.

  • Doug

    Your response is tacit approval of what these students did. You’re basically saying “we should love members of the gay community, even though they will burn on hell.”

    • Mike

      Sorry, bud but all sin leads to hell. Some people find homosexual behavior morally unacceptable, for religious or whatever reasons. You can’t force people to accept it or want to be around it or see it or have it jammed in their face, no matter how much you may want it. I agree rude behavior should not be tolerated and we should treat people the way we want to be treated, but this is a non-story to me. I.E., I don’t care. The students were forced to go to a play for a class. Personally, I would not have wanted to see it either. However, I would not have been rude and disruptive to others there. The rude behavior is the problem I have with this incident. Talk to them about proper behavior, how we should treat each other, that they were wrong and move on.

    • Chad

      Doug, please help me understand how you concluded from what I stated any sort of implied approval of what those students did. I am actually implying the exact opposite…that we are all on the same level playing field of culpability before God.

      I also don’t understand how you deduce from what I said, any singling out of the gay community as more deserving of hell than any of the rest of us…or, more specifically, any more deserving of hell than the students who made the hateful comments.

      God’s hatred of sin and love for people are not logical antinomers, as you seem to assume in your initial post. God’s holiness, His hatred of sin, and His extravagant love for people is the whole point of the incarnation of Jesus, and thus, it is the whole point of Christianity.

      Listen, I’m not trying to incite you. You are obviously free to believe (or disbelieve) whatever you want. But, you presented a false dichotomy in your question about what Coach Freeze believes about Christianity. I merely answered your question.

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