Bjork’s parking letter

It’s addressed to fans, but let me tell you fans weren’t the only ones suffering from Ole Miss gridlock. Never gotten home from an Oxford game at 3 a.m. That was just my story. I’m sure there are many that can top it. I heard lots of horror stories today.


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  • papatoLC

    Bjork should call Auburn. I had a great experience with the free shuttle. They must have used 29 buses to the site where I parked. Was much better that my experience with the SEMO game.

  • bigreb

    I represent 6 family s in our group that all of us have children now that attended and finished school at Ole Miss and we all tailgate in the grove together. The older members of our group have decided that this will be our last year with the mess that has been created with this parking situation. When you are in your 50 `s and can`t get home till 4am it is time to quit.. We have all been attending games here since the late 60`s and have never been this angry.We are only finishing out the year because we have purchased season tickets and need to use those. Who ever created this parking debacle needs to come down on Jackson Ave and sit in traffic with us for 3 hours afgter the game and not move but 300ft. Thank you and good luck in the future.

  • The Ghost of Col. Reb

    My dad, who hasn’t missed a game in years, will not go to baseball or football because of the money shake down to park and the traffic. I bet he isn’t the only one.

  • Mike

    I personally have liked the parking changes. I don’t mind buying a pass and having a definite place to park. I agree that it is a revenue source and we don’t have many at Ole Miss. The Grove is another one and I personally don’t care if they charge for spots in the Grove either. I don’t know about other schools, but Alabama also makes their fans buy parking passes to park on campus/around the stadium. They do have streets around the stadium blocked off to allow buses to drop people off and pick them up. There were a line of buses when we came out of the game at Alabama. Granted we left early (about 7 or 8 min left in the 4th qtr). Also, the area around the stadium seemed to be bigger than ours. Just about all schools require some sort of “donation” to get season tickets. I like the parking idea that Bjork has had, it just needs more tweaking. And a few parking garages on campus wouldn’t hurt either… lol!

  • duckhunter1

    parked at the ford center with a pass, did not know they would close off old taylor road, 1 1/2 hour again just to reach Jackson ave and 6, won’t be back next sat

    • Lee814

      The post game traffic flow map clearly shows that traffic from the Ford Center goes towards Jackson. That part hasn’t changed since the beginning of the season, so you should be aware of it by now. Did you look at the map? It was sent with the parking passes and is available online. Personally, I like the new parking plan. I like knowing that I have a spot available when I get there. When 60,000 people are all trying to leave at once, it is always going to take a while.

  • duckhunter1

    I have the map, old taylor road was open after the a&m game going towards hwy 6, it was barricaded after the lsu game and I was told to go all way down university to lamar then to 6

    • Lee814

      Sorry, I didn’t know it was open after the A&M game. According to the map it was not supposed to be. Hopefully it will get better for you as it is tweaked more. I got out quick Saturday night. Granted, I didn’t hang around to celebrate. I left as soon as the kick went through.

  • duckhunter1

    I left then too, any reports on how long if you go to Jackson ave from the ford center? Only problem is my in-laws keep a motor home across from the baseball field on old taylor and I need to go by there to pick stuff up, thanks

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