Freeze’s response to fan calling out to him

Here is Hugh Freeze’s response to the question about someone from the South end zone stands addressing him as he walked into the tunnel after the Texas A&M game:

“I was asked about that after the game and didn’t handle it very well after the game, because I was really shocked after the game we’d just witnessed that that was a part of it. I didn’t address it.

There were a lot of factors to that. I don’t think it’s typical of me. We’d just had a gut-wrenching loss. We had a kid going to the hospital that wasn’t moving. We had six kids that were injured and not in the game.

There are certain experiences in life that you’d rather your wife and daughter not have to experience. That was one of those.

Probably, wish I could have kept more composure and still had a conversation with him. At that moment in time … I will defend our program, I will defend our kids, I will defend my family. If I offended anyone I’m certainly sorry. I don’t think I was disrespectful to anyone. I just got my point across that …

Let me say this too. The greatest thing about Ole Miss, the greatest thing about Ole Miss … is family. That is our selling point, and it is working. Every time a recruit comes on this campus with their family we have a chance to get them, because the strongest thing we have is family. And when we are a family, you know what, I have disagreements with my brother, I have disagreements with my sister, I have disagreements with my daughters and my wife at times. There’s a way I try to go about those things. The greatest thing though about family is you can have a disagreement and move past it. There’s no question in my mind that everyone in the Ole Miss family wants us to get to a certain spot … to a certain place, and we are on the way. I know everyone’s expectations were different coming into the year.

I preached all summer that we’re still thin at places, the schedule is brutal. Right now we could be staring 1-5 in the face with the teams we’ve played. We also could be 5-1 right now, but we’re 3-3. The expectation level when it’s different and it doesn’t happen, some get frustrated. When you have a game of 80-something plays, they may agree with our calls for 75 of them. They may disagree with five. That’s OK. I don’t mind that. I get that. Sometimes I agree with them that it was not the right thing.

But if we really all want to get to where we want to go, the way to go about it is not a public demeaning of a player or a program or our staff. Hey, email me. I’ll try my best to respond to it. If we all want to get to that place, that does not help us move forward. We are moving forward, and our kids know that. I said all summer, when the expectations aren’t met, frustration will set in. All of us were frustrated.

That deal, I don’t think there was as much to it as some media would like to make. They’re looking for a story. I will defend our program. I will defend our kids. I will defend my family. I wish I had been more composed. I apologize that I wasn’t at that time. I will try not to allow that to happen again. That’s not the first time I’ve been yelled at. I have nothing against whoever the individual was and would love to talk to them. Because we we’re family. That’s what we are. And we’ll move forward.”

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  • REB

    All programs have mad fans that act badly. This was one of them. I don’t know how anyone could complain with the effort the players and coaches poured into that game. We played a great game. Things just didn’t go our way.

  • papatoLC

    It is a shame when we forget that above everything, football is just a game in this case being played by college students. This is a team made up of underclassmen. Leaders that are mostly first or second year players. Do I agree with all of the play calls? Of course not, but I sit in the stands or watch on TV. I don’t know what is going on with the team but our coaches do. We have coaches that play to win!

    The fact that a top 10 team is playing a young team with so many injuries. A team thinking about a fellow player removed in a way that asked will he play again? I hate to lose, but I am proud of my team giving their all when most of us did not think they could win even with all of our players. Thank you coaches for taking the high road. Beat LSU!!!!!!

  • Cid Riley

    The pressure is getting to Freeze. A losing streak, crappy play calling and the constant rumors of an NCAA investigation . You’re not in high school anymore, Mr. Freeze…keep your composure.

    • Rebel_Wolf

      Crappy play calling?

    • jreb

      who are you for Cid? #IDIOT

  • REB

    Coach Freeze is doing fine, Kevin. Ole Miss is doing fine with another great recruiting class on the way. The NCAA investigation you have been whining about is one over at MI$$ $TATE. Need to get your schools straight.

    • Cid Riley

      Who the heck is Kevin? The only Kevin I know would mellow you out.

  • Cid Riley

    Every school cheats in one way or another. That’s why there’s such a push to pay players above the table…how they’ll keep it all on the up and up, I don’t know. Sharkfins and MSU will never have chance as long as “the big dogs” have free reign.

  • Benoit

    Don’t understand how the average fan could possibly think he could call a better play than someone who studies the stuff seven days a week, for hour upon hour, and other than a peer who is also a part of the profession, do the work, put the plan together, do the recruiting and just plain do the job any better. Don’t believe it’s possible that a lawyer, a doctor, a mechanic, a farmer, or anyone is better than someone who has paid the price over a number of years to have the job.

    • t

      “paid the price” in the Tuohy/Oher coaching tree!!
      That’s rich though, assuming that a coach knows what he is doing just because the nature of his job description. In reality we like to refer to your argument as an ‘argument from authority’, a logical fallacy

  • JB

    Its time to drop this debate here its all over with , Also its time to move on to the battle that lies a head for the Rebels and that is LSU, probable the best team that Ole miss will face this season. In my 60 years following the Rebels Ole miss has held their own against the Tigers. Rebels have some ailing players and its time to give those injured player an APC, shot of GI Gin and mark them fit for duty.

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