Henderson Q-and-A

Here’s what Marshall Henderson had to say in a carefully orchestrated postgame appearance last night:

(Feeling good out there?)

“I don’t really know. I’ve said this all the time, from one game to the next, they go in or they don’t go in, and sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t.”

“After the Kansas State game I was kicking myself, because I knew … I put that one on me. A 2-point game, a game-winning shot and you shoot an air ball. A senior leader and a guy trying to make a statement in his last year of college basketball does not need to be doing that. I know that.

“I took that into the next couple of days working on my focus. I came out here real early today before the game, moving around and shooting a lot of game shots. That helped me, definitely.”

(How much did you work in the off-season on the quick first step?)

“That was pretty much the whole thing that I worked on. Coming down some down screens, we set up cones to operate in a little area, to be able to catch it and either take one dribble hard and make a move and also in transition, pushing it up when they kick it out to me and instead of catching and shooting either a pump fake or an in-and-out move. Those were definitely the primary focuses throughout the off-season, to just make the game better.”

(Passing more?)

“I think I’ve always done that. People just don’t ever give me credit for that. I’ve always done that. My favorite pass is coming out, there are two guys coming and just drop it in right there. I made that pass all the time last year.”

(Defending Oregon?)

“That’s been one of our main problems this year. That zone is pretty effective for us. It wasn’t really as effective today as we were hoping. Oregon … give them some credit too. They moved the ball, and they’re fast … probably the fastest team we’ll play all year. They moved the ball. That was a clinc on how to move the ball around and get everyone involved. And you’re giving up 115 points, that’s a lot of points. After we look at the film we’ll figure out just how bad it was.”

(Jarvis’ tying shot did y’all feel like the game was yours?)

“Oh my goodness, yeah. I thought I’d hit that shot at the buzzer. I thought it was in. Normally that’s the way it goes in basketball, the home team hits a buzzer beater or something goes to overtime. The momentum … last year at Vanderbilt I hit a shot to go to overtime, and the momentum rides all the way through. It’s crazy. But turning the ball over on the first play and giving them an easy layup didn’t help us at all. I thought we were going to have it, but we let it slip.”

(Competition of the last week?)

“We knew this going into it that we needed to be 6-0. We didn’t know how good the teams would be in Brooklyn and that we needed to take care of those, and we did. Going to Kansas State, we knew they had their backs against the wall, and they’re a physical team. They had to win that game. We went out there, and we had a chance, lost by three, regroup. There’s no time to whine about it, you’ve got Oregon coming, and now just let this one slip. Playing two teams, one on the road and one at home, losing by the way we lost, it hurts, but at the end of the day, we lost the game, and it’s going to be the same way in the SEC. When those games are close we need to be able to get over the hump and win those games, grind them out in the end, or we’re going to be on the outside looking in.”

(Coming off the bench?)

“I haven’t really cared like I thought I would. I knew the first couple of games I’d probably be coming off the bench. Then I’ve just been over there … My favorite two players in the NBA are J.R. Smith and Jamal Crawford. I just took that mentality to it. Sixth Man of the year … that’s an award I don’t have. I’m not big into looking at it. I remember last year things weren’t going for us, and me and coach, he was kind of like come off the bench a little bit, switch things up. I’m just going to go with it. I trust coach.”

(When did you know tonight that you were going to have a big game?)

“I’d been waiting for it this year. Getting not really antsy or frustrated but like, ‘C’mon.’ I looked at it last year. I didn’t really do much at the beginning of the year, and kind of towards the middle was when I picked things up a lot more. I thought, ‘Maybe it will be the same way this year.’ Tonight I made the first shot. After that I missed a few, but they were open, and I knew with their defense there were going to be a lot of open shots. Then just, 1-2-3 and I was like, all right, ‘Let’s go.’”


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