Spring Football presser notes

Bobby Hill is indeed off the team and is no longer a student at Ole Miss.

Serderius Bryant will go through spring drills but has a lengthy “to-do” list to once again become a team member in good standing.

Denzel Nkemdiche will not go through spring and will be suspended for at least one game. He also has a “to-do” list. It’s longer than Bryant’s.

Channing Ward will be a tight end this spring. Some wheels still turning regarding the DUI charge to which Ward pleaded guilty. Freeze is hopeful that Ward will be cleared.

Here’s Freeze:


In other position change news, running back Kailo Moore to cornerback, DL Carlton Martin to OL. Jeremy Liggins will be offense this spring, tight end and quarterback.

Here’s what Freeze had to say about a lengthy injury list:

Woody Hamilton – two days ago broke his foot in indo work. He’ll be out for the entire spring. That hurts our depth at defensive line. He certainly was a guy that we’ll be depending on so we’ve got to get that fixed. He’ll have surgery within the next week. Be about a 10-week recovery deal for him.

Derrick Jones – Hip flexor. He’s day to day. I expect him probably to miss this week and then be ready to go after spring break.

CJ Johnson – The same thing. His is a little hamstring strain. We’re really going to be protective of him this spring.

Senquez Golson – Hamstring. We expect him to return after spring break.

Cody Core and Vince Sanders – All of those guys have small issues, nothing significant that will keep them out. They may return Friday, maybe tomorrow one or two of them. I really expect them to be back after spring break. (He mentioned these guys together with no specifics on the injury.)

Christian Morris – Tore his Achilles in winter workouts. Will be out for spring. He’s three weeks out from surgery, and it’s a six- to seven-month recovery.

Austin Golson – Shoulder surgery. He’ll be limited this week but should be full go after spring break.

Aaron Morris – The ACL surgery is 23 weeks out. We’re going to hold him out this spring just to hopefully get him in the best shape he can be in coming into the fall.

Waiting on Freeze with updates coming in Twitter.

In the meantime, suspended rising sophomore Bobby Hill no longer appears on the roster on the website.

Other off-season arrestees are on the roster: Denzel Nkemdiche, Serderius Bryant and Channing Ward.

Also of note, Ward has added tight end to his position per the roster. He’s listed as defensive end/tight end.

The former Aberdeen All-American appeared in all 13 games last year at end and on special teams. He had 23 tackles, two tackles for loss and one sack.

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  • Karl Hungus

    It will be interesting and very telling of Freeze’s character, what the length of suspensions will be. Hopefully, Freeze won’t follow the path of Kennedy with Henderson.

    • Colonel_Panic

      Agreed. I would rather see harsher punishments with guys coming back and not making the same mistakes than watch guys get away with a slap on the wrist. Hopefully, holding out a big name like Denzel will get some of the other guys attention.

    • Harold

      It may be telling for those in the know, but the simple fact
      of the matter is that neither you nor I will ever know the full extent of the
      punishment or exactly what these young men are guilty of and that is the way it
      should be. You cannot accurately rate
      the extent or effectiveness of their punishment because you only see what is
      publicly released. With that, suspension
      for the entire spring and for the first game is a very severe punishment. It must particularly sting because Denzel is
      from Georgia and I’m sure that first game is one that many of his friends and
      relatives would attend. You also are
      unfair to judge whether or not Henderson’s punishment was severe enough because
      you do not know exactly what he might or might not have been guilty of and you
      do not know the full extent of the punishment.
      You only know what was released publicly. I also am not in a position to judge, but it
      does appear on the surface at least that the punishment had come impact as
      Henderson has behaved very differently this year, at least in public. These are real human beings with real
      feelings and real weaknesses. On top of
      that, they are very young human beings with a lot of life ahead of them. Protection of their privacy is a very important
      thing. To complain on the internet that
      they aren’t being punished enough when you do not know the full extent of their
      punishment or exactly what they may be guilty of is just wrong.

      • Parrish Alford

        Good points Harold. As I have posted before, I don’t believe the punishment has to be publicized to be effective. If the punishment is inadequate the public will know. It will show up in different ways. This run of off-field incidents is an important time for Freeze, because discipline was one of the things lacking when he took over. Most of that was on the academic front. I think it’s important that he’s clearly dealing with each case on what he considers to be its own merit. He said yesterday that he will “hold feet to the fire.” If he’s not, it will be known soon enough.

  • Karl Hungus

    Freeze realized that his reputation was being put to task. He didn’t want to come across as a hypocrite. It seems the punishments fit the offences. Still, one wonders what type of people is he recruiting, character wise.

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