Ole Miss vs. Georgia

It’s the late game again for the Rebels. Georgia isn’t playing on its home court, but it will be going with an Atlanta-heavy lineup.

This from the Athens Banner-Herald.

The game will start at approximately 8:30 CT.

The Rebels lost 61-60 at Georgia on Feb. 15. They had numerous chances to win the game. Andy Kennedy has spoken many times about the inefficiency of his bigs around the rim. It was worse than I saw it any point during the year at Georgia. I wish I had kept count of how many shots the Rebels missed right at the time. Any one of those goes in, and they win.

Here are my Day After Observations from the first meeting.

Here’s Kennedy talking Georgia from the postgame after MSU. Seems like not that long ago. The question was about the similarities between last year’s Ole Miss team and this year’s Georgia team, which turned in a surprising 12-6 SEC record but much like last year’s Ole Miss team, has to do some work in the SEC tourney to get into the NCAA’s:

“There’s only one Marshall Henderson. The guy shoots 19 3s in a game, C’mon. I’m not sure they’ll shoot 19 in this tournament. It’s a little different. We had big rugged post guys in Holloway and Buckner. That’s really where they’ve changed their identity. They’ve gotten really physical and really strong on their front line.

“Charles Mann’s had an all-league type year and Gaines has developed into a guy who’s a dependable scorer.”

Mann, the Bulldogs’ point guard, got Dwight Coleby off his feet and drew the foul, then hit one free throw with less than 2 seconds to play. That was the final margin in Athens.

Gaines played very little in the first half, only seven minutes if memory serves me correctly, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I do remember, however, the Georgia writers sitting next to me saying, ‘That’s big’ when Gaines went to the bench for the remainder of the first half after picking up his second personal.

Indeed it was. He came back in the second and stared knocking down 3s and finished 5-for-8 from the arc for the game.

The Georgia game was also Henderson’s best 3-point shooting game of the final month of the season. He was 5-for-11 from the arc.

“It’s going to be a rugged game. Mark Fox has done a great job of righting that ship and making the necessary adjustments. His team has figured out who they are, and they’ve embraced hard. That’s what I’m trying to get my group to do. You’ve got to embrace hard. It’s hard to win. I don’t care who you’re playing or where you’re playing, it’s hard to win. I think his group has embraced hard, and they’ve developed an identity.

“It was a knock-down drag-out. They were up, we get back the lead, couldn’t finish it, missed some crucial free throws, and then Charles Mann made a winning play, a shot-fake with under two seconds to play (gets to the FT line) and wins the game by one.

“We know it will be a battle. They’re back on their home turf. They’ve earned that. We were in that position last year. We’ve got to come out with the same sense of urgency that we played with in the last 10 minutes (against MSU). It’s probably the best half of basketball offensively we’ve played in a long time, when you see 56 percent from the floor, we outrebounded them, we had positive assist-to-turnover, Marshall and Jarvis made some shots, and we got positive contributions from a number of other guys.”


Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • Karl Hungus

    They don’t make a broom or a rug large enough to sweep under the filth and corruption on the Ole Miss campus..”allegedly”

  • Karl Hungus

    We will see how the Sharkbears do against a team with a full roster. Most likely, Georgia will out physical a flaccid, mentally, Ole Miss team. No heart, no mental toughness, just like their football counterparts.

    • Killer_Beeze

      The FUNGUS AMONG US. Have a great pity party loooozer.

  • Karl Hungus

    If ya’ll behave yourselfs, Dan Mullen will allow you to see the Golden Egg for one day and one day only. He may even let you polish it.

  • Karl Hungus

    College sports are a great platform for a university to receive broad exposure to prospective athletes and more importantly prospective students. Undeniably Marshall Henderson is the face of Ole Miss right now. A guy that’s reportedly been arrested for possession of illegal drugs, including cocaine, punched a player during a game, been to 4 different schools, broke probation by failing drug testing. Simulated smoking a blunt during a NCAA tournament game and acts like a gang member.Is this the way Ole Miss wants to be noticed ? Is Ole Miss selling its ethical morality for a trip to the NIT? WOW!

  • Karl Hungus

    When was the last time the Sharkbears played in Omaha? You know, where the college world series is played.

  • Karl Hungus

    This is my STATE!! …and don’t forget it.

  • Seth Mohundro

    Bro, you need to step back and take a hard look at life. This obsession you have with Marshall is pathetic as is your argument. This guy takes more undeserving scrutiny than any player in recent memory. Yes, he is passionate on the court but stop judging him by what he does out there. Look at him as a guy and you ‘might’ realize that he is more toned down and an average college kid that gets attention because everyone thinks that’s the way he is everywhere(on the court). He has made mistakes but stop dwelling on those! You have made just as many if not more mistakes than Marshall. Get off my boys’ back! Nobody is perfect. If you aren’t an Ole Miss fan then why do you obsess with this website and Ole Miss business? Maybe you secretly “like” Marshall and everything Ole Miss because State doesn’t ever do anything interesting. Whatever it is, you need to get a life instead of downing players and coaches who are better than you will EVER be. I find it funny that you talk about morality when you OBVIOUSLY HAVE NONE! If you did then you wouldn’t constantly be talking about Ole Miss as a whole in ways only seen by a State fan who is a hypocrite, and completely ignorantly I might add. You are the kind of person this world can do without. I have played sports all my life like basketball, baseball, and watched tons of football. You are the kind of fan that if Ole Miss were to beat State in every sport, wouldn’t show his face on websites such as this one but if State beats us in a sport, shows how hypocritical and dumb you are by posting on Ole Miss websites. Have you ever played a sport? I seriously doubt it but if you did, I have a feeling you were the biggest bench warmer. Grow up and look at your life for what it is: pathetic. I’m in college now and my sister could make better arguments than you on anything sports related. She is an Alabama fan because she likes elephants. She is 23 and doesn’t know anything about sports. Just giving you a little background of how truly ludicrous you sound. Your arguments make me feel like I am reading something from a middle-school kid. You bring up the past because that’s where you live: in the past. All of this contributes to why your arguments are irrelevant and trivial. GET OFF THIS SITE WITH YOUR DEFICIENT SELF!

    • Karl Hungus

      Obviously you’ve been drinking Black bear stool-aid. I would not want him representing my school. He is a high volume low percentage shooter, with sociopathic behavior.

      • Seth Mohundro

        You just like to stereotype people, especially Marshall and show how much you don’t know about him. If you went on youtube and watched videos CLOSELY, you would see that he is actually a team guy and cares a lot for teammates and their chemistry. And you saying things like ‘drinking black bear stool-aid’ is exactly what I was talking about when I said I feel like I am talking to a middle-schooler.

        • Hit Ignore…

          Cid, Karl, and Turfguy are all the same person. You can tell by the syntax and phrasing. If you will ignore him, he will go away for a while. Just like most kids, he does it because his school is boring and is stuck in among cow pastures. Please ignore his juvenile comments.

          • Seth Mohundro

            I don’t know who you think you are but I will ask you this? Why are you a State fan on an Ole Miss page? It apparently is opposite of what you said that our school is boring and is stuck in cow pastures. If that were the case then I would be on a State page commenting, but that’s not the case because you are on this page which is an Ole Miss page in which you are showing the digital world how un-educated and what a moron you are. I have been seeing you comments for a while now and what you have been conveying lately made me create an account just so I could hit you with a dose of reality and light you up son. And to prove I am not whoever those people you mentioned are, you can look me up. You already see my name, I live in Glen, MS just outside Corinth for your education purposes, I am 18, a student at Northeast Mississippi Community College and will attend Ole Miss once I am done at NEMCC. Look it up on facebook if you want. Oh snap, you probably don’t even know what facebook is. It is a social network where you can keep up with friends and family and maybe even learn some things. You may not be aware, but Starkville is the national capital of cow patties. Go back to school and actually listen. And get off this site. Parrish doesn’t need to see your dull comments and go stupid listening to your ‘language’.

          • Karl Hungus

            Thank you for proving my point about Ole Miss. Now, sonny, oh shoot! You distracted me and I just ran over a black bear. The brushguard of my pickup is ruined..Thanks alot. I will look you up, sprout.

          • Seth Mohundro

            I don’t know what kind of point you proved other than disloyalty and disgust. And please, do so… I couldn’t care less. And these jokes you think are funny really just make you look childish. Thank YOU for proving MY point.

          • Karl Hungus

            Facebook? How do I use it? Is it a book of pictures about the parts of a face? I’m confused.

          • Karl Hungus

            Now hush! I want to watch Genderswap shoot his 36%.

          • Karl Hungus

            I don’t know who all those people are and what’s syntax? Now please be very quiet, I’m hunting black bear.

        • Karl Hungus

          I’m actually an Ole Miss grad.

          • Seth Mohundro

            What happened to make you turn and become a State fan that turns on his old school for fun? Again, you talked about morality so where is yours?

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