Freeze talks practice, Nkemdiche suspension


After the first day back on the practice field since spring break, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze addressed the beach video, a cursing tirade at what is believed to be fans from an opposing team, from linebacker Denzel Nkemdiche.

Here’s the text of what Freeze said regarding the impact it will have on Nkemdiche’s suspension status moving forward:

“Ya’ll know kids when they make mistakes, ones that don’t mistake what we want to be about, it does happen. I’m not happy with him, not proud of it, hope he’s not. It’s definitely not what we want to be about and the way you want to handle (a situation) regardless of what initiated it or caused it. There’s a way to handle adversity and controversy, and it’s certainly not that, and that’s been made clear to him. I feel comfortable with what we’re doing with the process of him regaining his rightful place on this team. Obviously that’s not a step in the right direction.

“I hope that doesn’t occur any more.

“As part of the whole process, it will weigh in on everything. That is not who we want to be about, how we want to go about doing things.

“It’s just going to be part of the … the process may be longer now. I’m not going to be put in a box on it. I feel very comfortable with the way we’re going about it. He’ll have to change some of his ways to get back right with us.”

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  • Karl Hungus

    Another incident? This guy has some serious anger management problems, which leads one to SPECULATE the reason why. Steroids can have that effect on users of the substance…makes one wonder. This doesn’t help his reputation. Could have an effect on the 2 million dollar lawsuit.

    • orangesoda

      Really steroids is your first thought or it could be a bunch of verbally aggressive so called fans attacking a young man. Lets think about it if you’ve been drinking would you just walk away are start throwing back verbal abuse. Its a separate incident that has nothing to do with the party that’s suing him and it shouldn’t have any bearing on that case. You are right it doesn’t help his rep but lets hope the kid can learn to turn the other cheek if he gets through all this mess.

      • karl Hungus

        Yes steroids were my first thought. I have witnessed the “steroid rage” before. With his 2 birthday incidents..alleged verbal abuse of arresting officer, it makes sense. Not to mention the allegations of the frat beating.

        • Clay

          I know him personally and I know for a fact its not steroids. It was those leg-humper fans from Fail State, MSU, pestering him while he was trying to enjoy his spring break.

        • hurdles

          That still proves alcohol was the key factor in both of those events and not steroids. I’ve personally witnessed drunk college student rage. Unless he was having incidents where alcohol was not involved then your allegation would be true but in all incidents there was alcohol involved.

          • Karl hungus

            Good point, so he has an alcohol problem…still not good, but a good point made by you.

  • karl Hungus

    People shared a locker room with Mark McGuire and still didn’t know that he was juicing…so there you go. Next.

    • hurdles

      Show your proof that no body knew. I am willing to bet he had at least one close friend in that locker room that knew. No body keeps a secret all to themselves.

      • karl hungus

        During the McGuire trail, witnesses under said they had no idea…so by way of quid pro quo and ixto facto…so I have presented a serious burden of proof. Of course the statute of limitations has long since past, rendering burden of proof highly unnecessary.

        • hurdles

          Good point. What I should have said if anybody was really close to him they would deny, deny, deny, but you have supported your claim and must give props.

    • bob

      ah, nothing like the American tradition of guilty until proven innocent… oh wait, that’s just and internet troll tradition.

  • The way Denzel he is acting,he gotta be on something.His attitude has changed alot.

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