Bryant’s spring break

From the Mother Ship, Ole Miss linebacker Serderius Bryant talks about his spring break trip and how that helped him as much as it helped Haitian villagers he and other members of the football program spent a week with.

Bryant’s spring break

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      • karl hungus

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        • mom

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        • TheGiantRebel

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  • Seth Mohundro

    Criticism is all you know. Nobody said he is perfect or has been “cured”, YOU came up with it. Not anyone else. Just remember that.

    • Killer_Beeze

      Karl is really Cid (I think that was his name) reincarnated. Cid was always posting on this blog up until last November or December. Cid fits Karl’s m.o. to a tee. As I recall, Cid promised to leave this blog and never come back. Well, he LIED.

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  • karl hungus

    I guess if that’s the definition…then as a concerned Ole Miss follower, I appreciate your favorable complement. Gracious am I unto you.

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