Wednesday Morning Update

Spanning the globe on a Wednesday morning …

┬áKentucky’s Texas freshman trio are glad to be in the Final Four especially in the Dallas area …

Making up isn’t hard to do after all for Cuonzo Martin and Tennessee. According to an ESPN report, Martin had actually met with Marquette officials about their coaching vacancy …

Johnny O’Bryant III didn’t stay in state to play his college basketball but returned to his Cleveland home to ponder his NBA future. He’s leaving LSU with a year left to take a shot at the league …

Whodat say they got fooled on April 1? As a Saints fan I like what Jimmy Graham has done in New Orleans, but I must admit the idea of another first-round pick plus two more extra picks in 2014 is intriguing …

National college football writer Bruce Feldman is changing networks again. You may remember Feldman from his book “Meat Market” which featured Ed Orgeron and recruiting. Hugh Freeze was a member of that Orgeron staff, and Feldman wrote this about Freeze on Signing Day 2013 …

Kentucky football remains a work in progress heading into the second year under Mark Stoops …

Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • karl Hungus

    With all the off season turmoil, suspensions, missed practices and the dark cloud of the NCAA investigation into the Sharkfin football program it will be interesting to see if Freeze can keep the team from ripping apart at the seams. The lowly Broncos from Idaho may actually have a chance.

    • Mike

      Are you as much a jerk in real-life as you are hiding behind an anonymous name on a website?

  • erastus

    The thing about internet trolls is that they are so starved for attention that they relish even the negative attention. The only way to deal with them is to ignore them because they stick around if you talk to them any at all. I read a study recently that showed that almost all of them are mentally ill. It’s sad really if you think about it. A few ways to spot them: They always try to stir things up. If you respond to them they know that they are succeeding at stirring things up and they actually get aroused and post more. They tend to change online names rather than sticking with one. They often boast about some important or exotic job. They will sometimes boast about wealth or investment in the stock market. They will sometimes talk about exotic or important travel. Once again, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them and pray that they will get the professional help that they need.

    • karl Hungus

      Erastus, my dear confidante, you have missed the boat, entirely. I am not a troll, I am truth seeker! I will not go quietly into the night. I will not stop…I am good for you, I’m a good thing..the spotlight to show the truth, hidden in the dark corners of the Sharkfin nation.

      • handy010

        No, you are an idiot with no life who comes on here under various fake names because you want other people to be as miserable as you. But please do not stop. I find your post quite amusing.

      • Seth Mohundro

        Check your own school and coach first before you bash someone else’s. Have some respect.

  • karl Hungus

    Fake names? Miserable? You just described Ole Miss. Fake championship banners, miserable tradition of losing seasons and a hypocritical football coach. Please don’t stop believing your own lies, America finds it amusing.

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