Final: MSU 8, Ole Miss 3

Once is an isolated incident, twice is a trend. The Rebels struggled offensively in Game 3 against LSU and that carried over tonight.

The last time these teams played the Rebels manhandled the Bulldogs with 12 runs and 20 hits. This time MSU left-handers Lucas Laster and Vance Tatum held the Rebels to three runs and three hits.

Laster put plenty of people on base with six hit-batters, but Ole Miss couldn’t get a game-changing hit.

That’s what MSU’s Wes Rea got in the bottom of the sixth when he got a double past Austin Anderson and down the left field line. That scored two in a game that was 3-3 at the time.

Here’s Mike Bianco:


Gavin Collins had three hits for MSU.

Will Allen had a double for Ole Miss. The Rebels had no extra-base hitters.

Ole Miss is 30-12 and returns to SEC play Friday at Kentucky.


Ole Miss

LF Lee .300

CF Bousfield .347

3B Anderson .346

C Allen .337

DH Bell .320

1B Orvis .317

RF Overbey .269

SS Robinson .281

2B Dulin .279

LHP Jeremy Massie 2-2, 2.34



SS Heck .250

LF Armstrong .337

2B Pirtle .331

C Collins .301

CF Bradford .302

DH Humphreys .286

RF Henderson .300

1B Rea .241

3B Britton .197

LHP Laster 0-0, 4.76

Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • JB

    Got to go with Ole Miss in this one, even tho only two(2) Mississippians in the line for Rebels, one from the school that I spent some time at, Northwest Miss JC Jerry Massie from Sardis Ms, Go Jerry don’t lets us old timers down.

  • karl hungus

    I can imagine the devastation of the NCAA penalty that will set the Sharkfin football program back…well, back to…well it really can’t get much further back now can it? Instead of 6 wins…it’ll be 3 or 4. Of course that’s not too far back…what, a couple of years right?

    • UMBBFan

      That is quite the imagination.

      • Ilovebulldoglosers

        Hey get off my boy, I am sure he has had a long day and every post can’t be a winner. Granted, some are more foolish than others. But that is what makes them so entertaining. Keep complaining and he will send you a LOI.

  • karl hungus

    6 hit batters by the Bullies…I think Cohen said…this game doesn’t mean squat…just keep drilling them. LMAO!!! Keep drillin em.

  • karl hungus

    Not imagining the fact that Sharkfins went O fer the conference twice in a three year span…right? Or was it just once?

  • karl hungus

    Not imagining that the Egg is in Starkville and has been 4 of the last 5 years…right?

  • karl hungus

    Not imagining that a 3rd string freshman QB and a QB with a bum elbow beat the Sharkfins in the most recent Egg Bowl…right?

  • karl hungus

    Not imagining that Mullen continues to beat Bucky Freeze with less talent, because he is the better coach…right?

    • Cid Reily

      Imagining? Let’s see, Humpy is 1-1 against Freeze. Doesn’t sound like “continues” to me. I’m sure in your feeble MSU mind one in a row is a streak though considering your math skills

  • karl Hungus

    Yup..that’s right. It’s so hard to keep up with the ” revolving door ” coaches that go through Oxford, like transferring QB s. It’s like swapping scarves and pointy toed shoes between sharkfin fans.

  • karl hungus

    So..the famous Cid finally makes his long awaited appearance…hello Cid, your a legend on this blog and this is the first time I’ve seen you post.

  • karl hungus

    Well…shoot!!! Now the G Cup sits by the Golden Egg again, in Starkville!! Way to go Sharkfins.

  • karl Hungus

    Cid…you have caused alot of confusion. People are constantly saying that we are the same person. Finally we can quit beating that dead horse. Thank you for coming out.

  • karl Hungus

    I have actually decided to be truthful with you all. I’m really a 12 year old first grader in Starkville. And I have always wanted to be a Rebel, but I know they are too good for me. That’s why I act like I do on here.

  • karl hungus

    Nice try! Duh, I believe you. However, I don’t think the great Cid believes you. Karl Hungus will sue for copyright infringement. You better watch yourself. Seriously. At least change the spelling or there can be a suit.

  • karl hungus

    You know you’re famous when the copycats come out. It’s really flattering. I’m more popular than the BEATLES ! Nah, nah, nah..nah..nah,,nah…hey Jude!

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