Freeze transcript, confident Buchanan

More from today’s practice. Hugh Freeze talks a lot here about the injuries to Issac Gross and Carlos Davis. Good stuff on the quarterbacks too.

There’s Ryan Buchanan video at the bottom.

The Transcript:

Good day, one of our better days. I thought our demeanor coming out was a little less than what I would like. It was our last day of 2-a-days we think, and they came out with a little mentality of enduring but picked it up and really had a good practice.

We had some good team situations. We’re trying to make sure we cover every possible scenario.

We improved on some mistakes we had made in earlier scrimmages.

Can you update us on Issac?

He’s still dealing with the neck. He came back out and it kind of flared up again, so we just … we’re taking our time to make sure he gets it well. Pat and them kind of a protocol they’re going to take him through. They think they can improve him doing this if we hold him out for a few more days. That’s the plan there.

How did your young quarterbacks do in the scrimmage?

Ryan had a good scrimmage. Bo did not take many snaps. DeVante had some really, really, exciting good plays and had some on the other end of the spectrum also. We’ve just got to keep bringing him along, but he definitely adds a different element to us.

But I think they’ve improved.

Is it ball-protection with DeVante?

Just the decisions with throws more than anything.

At this point do you plan on naming a No. 2 prior to Boise State?
I don’t. I’ve said all along, and I still feel this way. It kind of would depend on what we’re needing at that moment. Each have different strengths. We’ll do everything with both of them, but it would kind of depend on the scenario in which they go in.

So Ryan’s been a little more consistent?

In the passing game for sure. We probably need to get a bit different package ready, and right now, when you’re trying to install everything, you’re giving it to whoever’s rotation it is to go in. I would be willing to guess that if we really scripted to (DeVante’s) strengths that we might see an improvement. That’s what we would do going into a game with him. Who knows? He might still make some mistakes, but I do think us playing to his strengths certainly would give him more confidence.

Final word on Carlos Davis?

It’s a torn ACL. He’s going to have surgery Monday. That’s another blow to us. You hate it … I try hard to tell our staff … we all hate it from a team perspective. We lost arguably our best cover corner (Tee Shepard) and Carlos I believe without a shadow of a doubt, our best special teams guy, both coverage units and return guy. It hurts. You try to find a way to handcuff yourself to those kids in the good and bad times and help them through it. It kind of takes your eyes off the ‘Woe is me.’ I don’t like feeling like, ‘How does it affect me?’ because it’s really not about me or about our staff. It’s about our team and our kids. It is a blow to the team, but we’ll help them through it. He hasn’t used a redshirt year. That’s a good thing. We’ll use it for him, and hopefully he’ll be back ready to go.

Who’s your punt returner now?

Probably either Trae Elston, Anthony Alford or Markell Pack.

How is Collins Moore coming along?

Good. He’s moving along now, starting to do things in the pool. Be glad to get him back for sure. We need a little extra depth ther at receiver.

Who else played well in the scrimmage?

Victor Evans. Victor Evans had a great scrimmage. Breeland Speaks. Big Breeland’s getting batted balls, and he’s a space-eater. He’s tough. Those young kids stood out. We held out quite a few kids that didn’t play many snaps. I think Rod Taylor’s coming on. I think Robert Conyers continues to do some good things, as does Ben Still. Probably Akeem Judd stood out. He had some really explosive, powerful runs. We had several stand out. DeMarquis Gates keeps showing up as do the Moore twins. They’re probably all going to have to play now.

What kind of camp has Vince Sanders had?

Solid. Real solid. One of the guys you can count on. I think he’ll have a surprising year to a lot of people.

How about Cody Core?

Cody is so important to us because he’s learning both inside and outside. He’s got to play both to give us some depth. He’s doing it well. Makes very few MA’s. He’s physical and can catch it, so, so very important to us.
How’s Quincy’s pass-catching coming?

He’s still inconsistent in ball-catching, particularly in traffic. We’ve got to continue to improve that. Love his skill set, love him as a kid. Just got to continue to improve his consistency and ball-catching.

Where will Moores play?

Special teams for sure now. Ones at our Huskie position, ones at a Rover.

As defenses get adjusted to tempo do you have to keep adding complexities?

Smoke and mirrors. You keep trying to add some. Who knows. You may see us in the huddle running the I-formation. Maybe we shock somebody. We might bust an old-fashioned power right down the middle or something. We’ll keep trying to do things that make people have to work on enough of who we are and still keep our tempo as a friend. The main thing is win first down and get into some tempo. All of that makes things easier. You’ve got to win first downs.

Competition at fullback? (Joking)

Woody Hamilton, probably Herbert Moore. We’ll go with those two and see how they do.

Here’s Ryan Buchanan. He carries himself well in an interview. We haven’t seen much of him in 11-on-11, but it sounds like his confidence is growing.



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