Wallace says Ole Miss’ playoff chase is not finished

Some called the Ole Miss-Auburn game an elimination game regarding the new college football playoff.

The Rebels came out on the short end of the score, but quarterback Bo Wallace doesn’t believe that means the end of their playoff hopes.

Ole Miss dropped out of the top 10 in both major polls today. They went into the Auburn game at No. 7 in the AP Top 25. Auburn was No. 4, and Vaught-Hemingway Stadium hosted a game featuring two top 10 teams for the first time.

Today the Rebels are No. 12 in the AP Top 25, No. 13 in the coaches poll.

Ole Miss will play its first game without star receiver LaQuon Treadwell Saturday morning at 11 when it hosts FCS member Presbyterian.

Treadwell had surgery late Saturday to repair a broken fibula and dislocated ankle.

“I just watched the replay of ‘Quon. We literally lost it by that much,” said Wallace. “I don’t see how far they can drop us. Our season is still alive we feel like. We’ll find out Tuesday how far we fall. We’ll keep fighting. Crazy things can happen.”

Wallace is also confident that Ole Miss can have a successful passing game without Treadwell.

“We still have playmakers … Vince (Sanders), Cody (Core), Quincy (Adeboyejo). And (Markell) Pack. Pack’s going to have to step up. By this time he’s considered a sophomore. He’s not a freshman any more.”

Offensive coordinator Dan Werner also expressed confidence in the Rebels’ receivers – and confidence for a healthy return for Treadwell, who had 10 catches for 103 yards and a touchdown at the time of his injury.

“He played probably the best game I’ve seen him play yet. These things happen, and he’ll bounce back. That’s what we do here,” Werner said.

Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • papatoLC

    Bo is right about the rankings. The AP and Coaches polls do not play a role in the national championship. The playoff poll this Tuesday is the only poll that counts. I look for us to be mid-teens in that poll.

  • Reddirtrebel

    I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. Arkansas and State will run roughshod over our wounded defense, leaving an 8-4 record and a return trip to Nashville….maybe Gator Bowl. Just not ready for the big step, yet. We don’t have a legit QB for next season and losing multiple starters on Defense, next season will be a step backward!

    • papatoLC

      Bo the risk taker was what we had to have to go to bowl games the last two years. He was what we needed to hang with Auburn last Sat. Starting next year we will have two system QB’s that I am going this Sat. in hopes of seeing play much of the game. I believe they are what we now need. Several of our wounded will be back by the time ARK gets here. That was not the No. 1 scoring defense on the field against Auburn. I pray that we will have most of that defense back by ARK. As a great baseball player once said, “It ain’t over until it’s over.” I am so proud of my Rebels!

      • Parrish Alford

        I think a two QB system is a real possibility next year.

  • Flareb

    Can’t remember a more crushing loss than last night. What has been accomplished in three short years has been fun and its nice to be among the conversation but let’s not kid ourselves, last night hurt in a big way. I keep sports in perspective but Ole Miss is special to me, always has and always will and the emotion of last night is hard to swallow……Note to self, we are still building and we must keep the faith!!! I’m proud of our team. They gave it there all and deserved better but as we all know life is not always fair and you have to keep chugging. When its our time in the SEC West and there will come a time, it will be that more gratifying………

  • Penny Oakley

    I’m concerned with Bo Wallace’s arm strength. He is a great short passer but his long ball is less than desirable for a quarterback. His stats look good because his receivers’ yardage gained after the catch is outstanding. If he could replicate that Nick Marshall to Sammie Coats bomb, Ole Miss would be seriously dangerous!

  • Parrish Alford

    I’ve heard many people describe the loss as a crushing defeat. Are you guys concerned that this loss lingers and affects the Rebels moving forward?

    • TiredOfIdiots

      I think if LSU beats Alabama this weekend, and Alabama beats State the next weekend, we could find ourselves very close to being back in it. Throw in an Auburn loss to GA and the season is back to being down to the Iron and Egg Bowls like the media has been hyping all year. Some other variables are involved, but none of them really matter if LSU doesn’t beat Bama.

  • Reddirtrebel

    With what has transpired, it will take a miracle to get back in the mix. The stars were misaligned for us this year. I just hope that the players won’t be so bummed out, that they can’t get “up” for a Bowl game against a NC State or a Virginia in Nashville. WE must build off this season…IT is a process!

  • Reddirtrebel

    Freeze knew in order to have a chance of getting the program off the ground, he had to reach out to Bo. Bo is a complete outlaw, when it comes to running the offense, like Hugh wants it ran. Bo has cost us a chance at Atlanta. If he did what he was supposed to do, what 99% of QBs would’ve done, we beat LSU and the momentum would’ve propelled us to beat Auburn. I lay this crappy ending to what shoulda been a glorious season, at the feet of Bo Wallace. Although we don’t have squat at QB next season, at least they will be TEAM oriented and not selfish.

    • James M

      You are an idiot if you think Bo Wallace is the reason Ole Miss lost. Against LSU, the O line was terrible. You cannot blame that on Bo. He played really well against Auburn. The D let Auburn score 34 points. How is that Bo’s fault? If Frost didn’t break Treadwell’s leg, Ole Miss probably wins the game. It was just really bad luck for Treadwell and the team

  • Reddirtrebel

    They say when you argue with an idiot, people don’t know who the idiot is, but I’ll take my chances. So, I guess it was the offensive line that fumbled in last years Egg Bowl? Did you not see Bo, almost fumble on the “Oh, no! Bo!” final play vs. LSU? I guess that was the oline? What about the 4th quarter fumble vs. Auburn? There will be more, before this season is over. The team will be a better TEAM without Wallace.

    • James M

      Bo has thrown for 8756 yards, 60 TDs, 34 INT with a 64% completion percentage in his career at Ole Miss. He has run for 963 yards and 17 TDs. Against Auburn, Bo threw for 341 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT, with 70.08% CMP. And he has not had a very good O line ever. He has worked behind average O line play all three years. You cannot blame everything on Bo. Yes, he has made mistakes but every QB makes mistakes. Did you see Peyton Manning in the SB or Sunday against the Patriots? Would his team be better without him? QBs make mistakes just like everyone else. But it is a team game. Now I am not saying that Bo is like Peyton. Clearly he is not, but everyone wants to throw Bo under the bus. Ole Miss would not have been as successful in the last three years without Bo.

  • Reddirtrebel

    Bo Wallace has thrown 34 interceptions in 1,087 pass attempts, which equates to a 3.13% interception ratio. (NCAA average is 1.74%). That’s not including all those fumbles and bad passes, (mostly over throws). If you look closely at his footwork vs LSU and Auburn, he is throwing off his back foot…very poor mechanics. With all these 4 and 5 star olinemen, how can you say that Bo hasn’t had any good offensive lines? It must be the coaching of the oline then? You are correct about one thing, Bo was the only QB that could get Ole Miss where they are now, which is 4th in the SEC west.

    • ripleyreb

      Is that you turfguy?

    • James M

      I don’t understand why we have so many “fans” who will turn on their own players so quickly. If Bo would have thrown a TD to win against LSU, everyone would be saying Bo is awesome. QBs got too much credit when they win and too much blame when they lose. Who do you think should have been starting over Bo for the last three years? He has been our best option. We don’t have anyone better on the team.
      I can say that the O line has not been good because I have watched them play. Bo has to get rid of the ball quickly because they cannot hold blocks. We cannot run the ball very well because they do not make holes. Who on here thinks that the O line has been excellent in the last few years? I don’t know if it is coaching or not. I am certainly wondering if Matt Luke is the problem. I don’t know. If you watched Auburn and LSU you saw good O line play from them.

  • Reddirtrebel

    Look James, maybe I’m too hard on Bo, but I have been waiting on a great season for a long time and this was that season. I know it’s not just one player that loses or wins a game and Bo has done a lot for the Rebels, but we were so close. Beating Bama was the first domino and if Bo just does what Coach wanted him to do, we at least go into overtime vs LSU. The momentum of that would have given the players the confidence to really get after Auburn. I will always look at this season as a squandered opportunity. Just an opinion from an old fan.

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