Kelly makes it official

John Davis wrote about Chad Kelly’s recruiting trip to Ole Miss in the story posted below. All accounts were that things went well.

Looks like they went really well. Kelly’s first comment on Twitter since posting two days ago that he was head to Oxford for a visit with about a half hour ago to say that he’s committed to Ole Miss.

Kelly will sign later this month and will go through spring drills.

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  • papatoLC

    As I understand Kelly red-shirted at Clemson and played one year at EMCC. That would mean that he will have three years, is that right? Do you think we will see at least one of our QB’s leave.

    • Ugh

      No, he redshirted a year at Clemson and played a year at Clemson. He has two to play two… Unless he gets in a fight with coaches again. I guess that it is true. EMCC is better at developing QBs than Ole Miss.

      • StarHSQB

        I am sure scratching them off my list. I would not want to go there, invest three years and learn nothing, and then watch them get another QB from EMCC to star above me

        • Killer_Beeze

          No one is guaranteed the spot at QB. They have to EARN IT dufus.

          • OMStaff

            and after you work three years to earn it, we are going to bring in a juco because heck, we don’t know how to develop QBs but EMCC can.

          • Killer_Beeze

            WHO has worked 3 years to ”earn it”? Bo was never replaced in his 3 years. The other two (Buchanan & Kincaid) are red shirt freshman with very little game experience this season. So, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you?

          • OMStaff

            Bo didn’t work at Ole Miss to earn it, he was developed by emcc, as was Kelly. The ones who will have been there three years developing under the Ole Miss staff are going to be pushed aside because EMCC is better at developing QBs to play in the SEC than Ole Miss is. It is what it is. No need to get upset about it. You either like it or you don’t. The message is clear, EMCC is better at developing QBs to play in the SEC than Ole Miss is. That’s the message that the Ole Miss staff has made quite clear with their choices.

          • OMStaffsmom

            OMStaff You are an idiot.

          • OMStaff

            Thank you. I was wondering when this thread would devolve to name calling as they all seem to do when people can’t provide a valid argument to support their point. Congratulations on being the one who started it.

          • OMstaffsdad

            It is not name calling if you are actually an idiot. Read your own posts. You are making a big deal about something that you know nothing about. Is the message clear that EMCC develops QBs better than Ole Miss? No. Does this staff know what it is doing? Yes. Since you know so much, maybe you should be an SEC coach. You can develop QBs all day long but if one has more talent than the other, then talent wins out. You cannot make someone have more talent. No one has said that Kelly is going to start. But if he is the best choice, then the staff is smart to sign him. Every college signs juco players. Every college. Y’all just want to find something to complain about

  • Lee814

    I’m not really that excited about him coming to Ole Miss. I think it is sending a bad message to these younger quarterbacks. If you sign with OM as a freshman, you will be red-shirted and will then serve as back up to the next JUCO transfer. I’m afraid that there will come a time when it will be difficult to recruit a QB out of high school. There are three young quarterbacks already on the roster plus one that has verbally committed (not counting some that are now playing other positions). At some point these younger quarterbacks have to be developed and given the opportunity. Kelly may turn out to be a great QB at Ole Miss, but at what cost to the future?

  • Killer_Beeze

    This is what true Rebel fans have been waiting to hear for the last 2 weeks. THE #1 juco quarterback in the nation folks. If it takes someone like Chad Kelly to fire up Kincaid or Buchanan, then let the competition begin. No one is guaranteed the QB spot. They will have to earn it. Coach Freeze has been at this game long enough to know how to wisely spend his schollys.

    • urp

      wow, you beat out Indiana for a player! Dang that must have been a real struggle fighting with a powerhouse like that. No one else wanted the guy, but he is great I’m sure. It is amazing that no matter how many coaches they go through, Ole Miss cannot develop QBs. They have to let junior colleges do it for them.

      • Killer_Beeze

        Yet, the Ole Miss Rebel’s just keep on winning bowl games. How do you figure that genius?

        • urp

          wow!!! the BBVA bowl at legion field and the music city bowl in Nashville!!! that is some seriously elite company there. I guess those are the kind of wins you get with a QB developed for you by a community college instead of getting the kind of coaches that can develop your own QBs.

          • Killer_Beeze

            FYI Ole Miss has one of the better bowl game records in NCAA football.

            35 total bowl games. 23 wins and only 12 losses. That’s a winning percentage of 66%.

            So tell us about YOUR alma mater URP. MisStake U.? If so, then the bowl record for the college of starkville is a measly 17 bowls: 10-7 record.

          • urp

            and the current staff gets credit for that? Interesting…

          • Killer_Beeze

            Answer my above question if you wish to have an ”interesting” dialogue. I’m not much into one-sided discussions.

          • urp

            ooooh, so that’s how it works, huh? You demand that the subject be changed to have an “interesting” dialog? Hmmph. Well, I guess you shouldn’t be expected to be willing to discuss Ole Miss’s inability to develop QBs. There really isn’t that much to discuss. The coaches have made it plain and simple. They think that QBs developed by EMCC are better than QBs that they develop themselves.

          • James M

            Shutup urp. What do you know about developing QBs? Freeze has been there 3 years. Bo was the starter for 3 years. You talk like this staff has been here for 20 years and has a history of starting JC transfers. The staff gets paid to do a job. You can whine and complain all you want but they are going to do what they think is best for the team. If Kelly gives Ole Miss the best chance to win then I’m sure he will start. But at this moment the starter has not been named for next year. It is not your concern. Go back to your own blog. This blog is for Ole Miss fans

          • urp

            you mustn’t have read the article. Despite having two four stars who will be in their third year with the program, they have gone chasing after the latest juco of the day. As far as whining and complaining, you might want to read your own post before you accuse others. I am just calling it like it is. I realize that you would rather call people names and tell them to “shut up” and that they have no right expressing their opinion here if it differs from yours, but wouldn’t it be more productive if you clearly state your opinion and provided some evidence to support your point? I know that some people would rather jump up and down and insult people for having differing points of view, but is that really who you want to be?

          • James M

            Just another bulldog fan wanting to start something. urp, how did you like that Egg Bowl?

          • urp

            you trolls…. always wanting to change the subject when you don’t have an answer.

          • urp

            I find it interesting as well that when Ole Miss’s obvious deficiency at developing QBs is brought up you want to instead talk about their bowl record and other schools. Why don’t you discuss the topic at hand rather than try to change the topic? Why don’t you instead tell us about the QBs that have come in and been developed by Ole Miss rather than developed at a juco and then brought in and showing that they are better than the ones that Ole Miss coaches have been working with?

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