Report: Kelly arrested, threatens bouncers at Buffalo bar

OXFORD – The 2015 quarterback picture at Ole Miss has taken an interesting turn.

Highly touted junior college quarterback Chad Kelly, who signed with Ole Miss last week, was arrested early Sunday in Buffalo, N.Y., near his hometown, after he fought with bouncers who were trying to evict him from a bar according to a report in the Buffalo News.

Kelly later fought with police, the report said.

“We are gathering facts on the matter,” Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze said in a statement Sunday evening.

According to the report Kelly, 20, and a companion, were kicked out of a downtown bar and tried to re-enter.

The newspaper cited a police report that said Kelly told the bouncers, “I’m going to go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place.”

Responding to the call Buffalo police officers stopped a 2005 Ford F-150 pickup in which Kelly was a passenger. He was forcibly removed from the vehicle and later scuffled with police while being booked.

Kelly was dismissed from the Clemson football as coach Dabo Swinney cited conduct issues. He led East Mississippi Community College to the national championship this season and is expected to compete for the starting job at Ole Miss.

Here’s the link.

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  • urp

    So does it still sound like a good move by the coaching staff?

  • James M

    I thought I ran you off. Competition at QB is still a good idea by the coaching staff. This guy, I don’t think so. If I were in charge, I would let cut him now.

    • urp

      Don’t worry, I’m not going to let some internet troll “run me off” no matter how hard he may try. Just because I ignore you doesn’t mean that you’ve “run me off”. I’ll still comment when I have something to say concerning the content of the articles.

      • James M

        There you go name calling again. The only thing you ever have to say is negative things about Ole Miss. Didn’t you criticize me for “attacking other commenters”? Here you are attacking me and you are not even commenting on the “content of the articles” as you just said. Who is the troll? I’m an Ole Miss fan, who has been posting on this blog for years. You never did tell us what school you are a fan of.

  • Billy Bob

    This kid has bigger problems than we will ever know. Cut bait and run while we can! Two years of arrest headlines will do more damage to our program than any upside. Let’s move on.

    • James M

      I agree.

  • Penny Oakley

    So, do we have another Marshall Henderson in a different sports? Do we deal with the negative publicity all over again and try to mold him into a socially-acceptable person? I’m sure the debate will have its pros and cons but really, his actions has cast a big red flag.

  • Lee814

    I said from the very beginning that I was not all that happy with the idea of bringing this guy in. I don’t think it is good for the overall moral of the team.

  • Killer_Beeze

    Don’t you just love it when everyone is so quick to judge this kid as the ‘bad guy’. Well, a video shows that Chad did not start the fight. It was the nightclub bouncer who hit him first. As for the AK-47…Chad did not have one nor can anyone actually prove he said he was going to “spray the place with an AK-47”.
    Let’s wait until ALL the facts are out before passing sentence.

    Link to video of incident:

    • James M

      Maybe you are right. Maybe he was completely innocent. But he was arrested. That’s a fact. The mug shot proves it. And he faces multiple charges. You don’t get arrested and kicked off of teams for nothing. Is he a “bad guy”? I don’t know, but he does have a history of trouble. I’m not passing judgment on the guy but I would cut him. But I am not in charge so we will see what Coach Freeze does.

      • Killer_Beeze

        Let’s all keep in mind the FACT that Chad played an entire year at EMCC and performed in a civil manner both on and off the field. No complaints–only compliments–from his coach.
        For someone to suggest that this kid has an ongoing problem is simply not stating fact. They have some sort of bias about someone they nor I know nothing about.

        Coach Freeze will make his decision to keep Chad on board after his upcoming court hearing on Jan. 5th.
        I trust Coach Freeze to do the right thing for Ole Miss and Chad Kelly.

        • James M

          I trust Coach Freeze to do the right thing as well.

          • Penny Oakley

            James, most of us already know the outcome. We are simply stating our opinion. This has Jameis Winston written all over it.

          • James M

            What outcome are you talking about? We don’t know what Coach Freeze will do. I agree this looks like Jameis Winston. I have already said that I would cut him. We will have to wait and see what Coach Freeze does.

          • Penny Oakley

            I agree with you. But I’m certain this will be dissected so much that doubt will be cast upon those that think he should go.

          • James M

            It’s nice to have discussions on here and not arguments.

  • Lineage rebel

    I guess no one commenting in this blog (except killer beeze) has never made a mistake…? Have you ever had someone pick you up and help you be a better person? Hugh Freeze is the best thing that could happen to Chad Kelly. He actually cares about his players and Kelly is now one of them.

    How about letting the facts unfold before you convict the kid and give him the Ole Miss death penalty. I didn’t think the OM faithful was the vindictive type.

    • rebelforlife

      I don’t know about you but I have never been arrested. It is not very hard to not be arrested. He has a history of trouble. Y’all want to praise him for one whole year of not getting in trouble. One year! But now he is in trouble again. So he cannot go two years without trouble. He has the chance to be the face of a SEC West team and this is what he does. If it was the first time he had ever been in trouble it would be different.
      He resisted arrest and took a swing at a police officer. I have a lot of respect for the police especially now, with what is going on in our country. If you commit the crime then you face the punishment. If he is convicted of all of these charges Ole Miss should let him go. If he is somehow found innocent then that is a different story.

      • Lineage rebel

        You seem to know a lot about what happened in the police car…were you there? He is certainly guilty of being in the wrong place, but beyond that, you nor I know the real facts. if he is convicted of all the charges, I am certain he will be dismissed. How about giving him the benefit of the doubt until that happens?

        Maybe you should consider Matthew 9:12…I think Hugh Freeze actually practices it.

        • James M

          You don’t get arrested and charged with third-degree assault, second-degree harassment, second-degree menacing, resisting arrest, fourth-degree criminal mischief, third-degree criminal trespass and second-degree obstructing governmental administration because you were in the wrong place.
          I hope you are right. I hope for his sake he was not the aggressor and the charges will be dropped. But I doubt it simply based off of the charges. If he resisted arrest and took a swing at the police then I hope he doesn’t get off. I hope he faces the proper punishment. I don’t care who he is. There are too many athletes today who think they are above the law. Drunk or not, he is responsible for his actions. I’m sure Coach Freeze will do what is best.

          • Roger Davis

            There’s a good chance they will be dropped or some kind of plea deal will be put on table. After all, he is the nephew of legendary QB Jim Kelly. #money #power #influence.

          • Lineage rebel

            The point is that you do not have the facts, nor do you know if the accusations are valid. How about letting the justice system and Hugh Freeze handle the situation with real facts rather than convicting him in the blogosphere on innuendo?

          • James M

            Sounds like a good plan

  • Penny Oakley

    Whether you love Ole Miss, hate them or kinda stuck in the middle, Merry Christmas!!!!

  • Yocona Bottom

    Video on line shows Kelly clearly sober and asking a question to whom I believe is a bouncer. Kelly is very polite when suddenly the bouncer pushes him and comes out with the F Bomb.Kelly becomes aggressive but there is no contact and his friends bear hug him and escort him to a vehicle. Kelly breaks away and it appears he took a swing but cannot see if there was contact on the swing.
    This was a 30 second disagreement instgated by the bouncer. It is not a court case. In most states an officer cannot arrest without a warrant for a misdemeanor not committed in their presence. I have seen worst disagreements in a football stadium. I was in law enforcement in Maryland 25 years and worked the street 14 yrs. They threw the “book” at Kelly to cover their own shortcomings. Not aware of his conduct at time of arrest but it is comforting to know he “resisted and did not assualt the officer. There is an old saying in law enforcement. “If it begins wrong it stays wrong. Kelly was screwed.

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