Fight to the finish

We are on the road and headed back south now. There were snow flurries in Kentucky and Nashville, but they’ve lessened as we’ve moved along.

It was quite a game for Ole Miss at Kentucky last night. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

Here’s our coverage from the Mother Ship:

Game Story: Fight to the Finish

Notebook: Kentucky fans applaud Ole Miss

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  • Jay Mack

    I saw the comment by Lee814 that there was lack of coaching. ANd it impressed me what a job of coaching I saw at play in that game, the coming together of several talents that had been individuals in the times I have seen them earlier, especially in their loss to Ky Western. Here for the first time I saw the pieces meshing. Especially the bigs. Rhett , Saiz, Jones and Colby figuring out how to hold their own against lottery picks, and then Snoop, Summers and Moody for the first time functioning as a unit. I wonder what would have been if Moody hadn’t had to sit out major portions of the second half and OT with cramping. What if Summers had been able to dish off for that final 3-point shot. Or for that matter, what if the point hadn’t been taken off the Ole Miss board. It was a special game, and it was amazing to see that team play as a unit against obviously superior talent. It says a lot that Calipari (I almost typed calamari) only used eight players against the Rebel attack. Ole Miss actually used more pieces with nine players in for more than 10 minutes in the game. Kentucky’s ninth player Marcus Lee had only one minute. So much for the Micky D platoons. I was impressed by the team effort. That is a symptom of coaching.

    • Parrish Alford

      I thought Andy did a good job of getting those guys to play hard last night. The trick is going to be showing that chemistry and effort moving forward. It wasn’t all there in every pre-conference game. Last night really could have been a time to turn the page. We’ll see.

      • Lee814

        I agree Parrish. Hopefully that chemistry will continue. However, for the last several years OM has had moments where they looked great. The most notable being the run to win the SEC tourney. However, those moments have been few and far between. The consistency throughout the season has just not been there. This season is a perfect example. There have been some good wins (and almost win at Kentucky), however some of those losses are simply unexplainable. My contention is that these good wins and the play against Kentucky shows an incredibly talented team (a team that should be winning on a consistent basis)

  • UMBBFan

    The problem is that we are always Starting to come together, starting to gel, starting to learn our roles and starting to make our shots. But we almost never do. We almost beat Kentucky just like we almost be charleston southern and Dayton. Kennedy says we don’t play with swag. It is hard to do that when your all star point guard shows absolutely no emotion and gets his pocket picked at least twice a game just getting the ball to half court. Our super athletic transfer juco has more swag than any team needs but did he get the ball at the end of the game? Nope. Almost got the ball over half court with a lead at the end of regulation. Almost win at home this weekend. Almost make the tourney. Almost. It has been good enough for Kennedy to keep his job. Will it be good enough this year? We can hope that it is……Almost.

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