Know Your Recruit: WR DeMarkus Lodge

By John Davis, Oxford Citizen

A native son will return to his home state this weekend to take part in Ole Miss’ official visitor weekend. Wide receiver DeMarkus Lodge may have made his name in Texas, but his roots are in Mississippi.

Lodge (6-foot-3, 195 pounds) is one of the nation’s top wide receivers, and top overall players for the 2015 class. Lodge finished up ranked No. 57 on the 247Sports Top 247 list. He’s also rated highly by ESPN, and, the other leaders in the recruiting/evaluation business.

Originally from Jackson, Lodge moved to Cedar Hill, Texas five years ago to live with his father. Cedar Hill is a powerhouse having won two straight state titles. For those familiar with recruiting, or just know where current Ole Miss players are from, it’s the same high school that produced WR Quincy Adeboyejo.

To say Lodge is wanted by several schools would be an understatement. His offer sheet is a mile long, and Ole Miss one of the few schools that have been able to get this far with him. (Lodge was a one-time Texas A&M verbal pledge and recently went on official visit.)

Several analysts feel like Lodge, who finished with 63 catches for 1,219 yards and 25 touchdowns his senior season, is the wide receiver most ready to help a team as a freshman. His coach, Joey McGuire, agrees with that grade as well.

“Of all the people I’ve been around and seen, he is no doubt the most college ready receiver,” McGuire said. “This is going to be some high praise, and I’ve said this over and over again, but I was fortunate enough to coach in the Under Armour game when Julio Jones and AJ Green were both seniors in high school. That’s who DeMarkus Lodge is. He is honestly that good, or the potential to be that good. That’s some high praise right there because those jokers can play.”

McGuire said that Lodge is strong, benching 300 pounds, and a workaholic.

“He just can’t get enough of it and he is legit in his size, speed and strength,” McGuire said.

Making an impression

McGuire felt like the Ole Miss coaches have done a great job of recruiting his standout ball catcher.

“If that’s where he ends up, I would feel great about it because they have taken care of my boy, Quincy,” McGuire said. “(Adeboyejo) is an incredible kid. We keep in touch. He loves it. If my kids are happy, smiling and they tell me they love where I’m at, that’s what I’m all about. That means he’s being treated right and stuff like that. I think if DeMarkus went to Ole Miss, I would feel great about it.”

In a previous story about Lodge, Adeboyejo said he would host Lodge and help the coaches finish the deal in regards to him becoming a Rebel. The rest of that story can be read here:

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  • Rebelbooster20

    I’m disgusted with all these players causing trouble and this isn’t a new trend. Are we trying to be like those Miami teams back in the day? Kids will be kids? These MEN are representatives of our university and should be held to a higher standard. Coach is allowing some bad elements to come in for the sake of winning. The Kelly kid is bringing in a ton of baggage and as a contributor, I am having second thoughts. Ole Miss stands for more than what is going on lately.

  • Rebelbooster20

    Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities built into a person’s life which determines their response regardless of circumstances. These “problem children” are lacking in character. Coach has to do a better job with getting the right type of people to come in and make a news on the field, not on the police blotter.

    • Sally

      Someone who posts derogatory stuff about specific real young men that they don’t know and really know nothing about anonomously on the internet would be a good example of someone lacking in character.

  • Rebelbooster20

    Sorry for ranting, but enough is enough. Stringfellow was arrested for 2 counts of assault before transferring to us. Kelly and Stringfellow are repeat offenders and shouldn’t be allowed on the team. Second chances, yes, but this is too much.

  • Rebelbooster20

    Hey Sally, anyone can read a police blotter. It was there in black and white, so go stick your head in the sand like our coach seems to be doing.

    • sally

      which has nothing whatsoever to do with what I said. You are the one that seems to be trying to divert from your own problems by focusing on someone else’s perceived problem.

  • Rebelbooster20

    It’s not my fault that these players don’t have respect for authority. Obviously, the coach’s disciplinary actions ARE NOT sinking in with our players. You can call it anything you like, but I prefer to call it the truth. Ole Miss is better than this crap.

    • sam

      who are you talking to? I can’t find anywhere that anyone said that it was your fault what anyone other than you does. Are you talking to the voices in your head? is that who tells you to do what you do?

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