Final: Ole Miss 13, MSU 10

It was a wild one with poor pitching from both sides. Ole Miss led 13-6 after six innings, but Mitchell Babb and Will Stokes, the first two in relief of Brady Bramlett, did not record an out in the seventh.

Finally, Jacob Waguespack and Wyatt Short restored order. Short got his second save of the series, his ninth of the season. Waguespack gave up a couple of hits and allowed an inherited runner to score but ultimately pitched two scoreless innings.

Short said he thought the game was wrapped up after the Rebels’ 6-run first inning:

Waguespack said he was cheering for Babb and Stokes to get things done in the seventh but was ready to pitch.

The focus shifted to the Rebels’ shaky relief in the latter stages, but there was a ton of offense.

Sikes Orvis’ three-run home run gave Ole Miss its first real separation in the first inning. He also had an RBI double for a four-RBI night.

Colby Bortles had three hits, and J.B. Woodman had a good night at the plate with a mammoth home run to right field.

Here’s Orvis:

Not a good night for Brady Bramlett. The offensive outburst gave him a win, but he allowed nine hits and six runs, all earned, in six innings.

Scott Weathersby to start tomorrow.

Here’s what it looks like through four as Ole Miss holds a 7-3 lead.

Top 1

Bramlett pitching

Vickerson first pitch F7 1 out.

Collins 2-0, F7, bit of a liner, Cloyd on the run to his right. 2 outs.

Reynolds. Didn’t play last night, injury, now DH (.296). 1-2, K swinging. 3 outs.

Bottom 1

RHP Preston Brown 5-6, 3.88, 69.2 IP

Cloyd 2-2, strike 2 really low. Takes second on bad pick-off throw.

Errol HIT up the middle, Cloyd scores (1-0). Fourth RBI of series for Errol.

Golsan HIT smash off Brown but no one can field it cuz Errol was breaking and Holland went to the bag.

Bortles 2-1, 2-2. HIT to CF. Robinson scores. (2-0).

Orvis HR just left of batter’s eye in LCF. (5-0).

Tatum replaces Brown

Knight 5-3 1 out.

Woodman HR RF way out (6-0).

Perkins F7. Humphreys makes running grab LCF. 2 outs.

Dishon 6-3

6 runs, 5 hits, 2 errors, 0 LOB

So the first inning could have been a lot different if not for that one pitch to Robinson, that one pitch to Bortles, that one pitch to Orvis and that one pitch to Woodman.


Rea HR to LF (6-1).

Robson HIT through left side.

Humphreys HIT liner off Bortles glove. Runners at corners.

Holland at bat. Wild pitch scores Robson. (6-2).

Holland 3-1 Long F8 1 out. Robson to third.

Britton (.182) 2-1, 2-2, 3-2 (low) 6-3 scores a run. 2 outs. (6-3).

Gridley first pitch HIT up middle.


Vickerson FC grounder to second forces Gridley. 3 outs.

3 runs, 4 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

Bottom 2



Cloyd HIT, liner to CF

Robinson 2-0, foul ball and H-and-R, 2-2. HBP. 2 on.

Golsan 5-4-3 DP, Cloyd to third. High chopper. 2 outs.

Bortles 3-0, 3-1, BB, 2 on for Orvis but 2 outs.

Orvis 0-2, fouls off two. 2-2. Wild Pitch scores Cloyd. (7-3). … Long at-bat, 4-3 against the “Sikes Shift.” 3 outs.

1 run, 1 hit, no errors, 1 LOB

Top 3


Collins 0-1 F8 1 out.

Reynolds 1-2, 2-2, 4-3. Golsan boots it but recovers. 2 outs.

Rea F9 3 outs.

Bottom 3


Knight HIT through left side.

Woodman 4-6-3 DP

Perkins 4-3 3 outs,

Top 4

Robson 3-1, 3-2 L8. Swung at ball four. 1 out.

Humphreys 2-0, 6-3 2 outs.

Holland F7 3 outs.

Bottom 4

Dishon K 1 out.


Cloyd K 2-3 2 outs.

Robinson 6-3 3 outs.

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  • Killer_Beeze

    I’m disappointed in Will Stokes. He was awful the last game he pitched and also again last night. He’s not performing up2par and I would think Coach would keep him on the bench.
    This has definitely been an entertaining and competitive series. Will be watching at 4 PM today on the SEC-TV Network for ‘the SWEEP”. Bring your brooms boys and girls.

    • Parrish Alford

      I think Stokes will get it together again, maybe next year. Right now it looks like he’s hit a freshman wall. He’s pitched some big innings this year. Going from pen to rotation to pen, a lot of shifting roles, probably plays a part in what’s going on right now.

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