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Interesting topic addressed by ESPN’s Jemele Hill on Wednesday.

I was at Snap Fitness when I saw the clips of Steph Curry’s daughter at the postgame news conference after Golden State beat Houston in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.

My first thought was, “What a cute little girl.”

My second thought was, “I’m glad I don’t care about the NBA beyond the final score, because I’m getting very little coverage now.”

Hill would say later that no one wants to hear the media complain about its job. I’ll co-sign that one too.

I don’t complain about my job. After all these years I still enjoy my job. I will sometimes complain, however, about the work environment that surrounds my job. The news conference is a work environment. It’s an office. It’s people working on deadline.

This isn’t only an NBA thing. It happens after big wins at Ole Miss or Mississippi State. It’s not always about cute kids at the mic with a parent. Sometimes it’s just allowing fans to come in and turn the news conference away from news and into an extended postgame celebration.

After Ole Miss beat LSU with a last-second field goal in 2013 there was a guy a few rows back talking loud enough on his cell phone that you couldn’t hear Hugh Freeze. He wasn’t talking with an editor on deadline.

Former MSU basketball coach Rick Stansbury used to routinely bring his kids to the podium at the postgame presser. This was a topic making the Twitter rounds too.

I give a lot of leeway here to coaches and players and their families. I know how much time coaches spend away from their families. It’s good to see family members in and out of the football building during the week. That’s how coaching families build successful home lives.

ForĀ a child whose father will miss a lot of events while the child grows up those special moments like the one Curry’s daughter experienced help bring balance.

And balance can be achieved here. Everybody enjoys the cute kid at the podium from games that start int he afternoon. There’s even more tolerance for the extended celebration then.

But when the game starts in prime time, as so many of them do now, respect the work environment.

Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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