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This clip is getting a lot of action on YouTube. Was it fair catch interference? Looks like Ole Miss got a break. Carlos Davis can be a threat but needs to be more dependable. It’s his second fumble of the year, though he was bailed out on this one.

From the Gainesville Sun, more on the Gators and the flu

Oxford PD is a fun follow this football season:

LSU players and coaches like the progress they’re seeing in sophomore quarterback Brandon Harris. Quarterback was a great unknown for the Tigers in the off-season. It may be still, but it looks like it’s getting better. …

Speaking of quarterbacks, Chad Kelly shared this yesterday.

Here’s an example of LSU fans looking ahead:

A little Auburn QB news here. Doesn’t sound good for Jeremy Johnson, but you never know. Coaches, sometimes they’re tricky:

Updated college football playoff projections from Phil Steele. Prepare for disappointment Ole Miss fans. …

SEC Power Rankings from …

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  • Killer_Beeze

    Regarding Carlos Davis’ kick return catch. I’ve heard another side of this call and that is…the refs had it right. Why?…because a defender cannot touch a kick returner if he’s bobbling the ball. He has to allow the kick returner an opportunity to catch the ball. That did not happen. The defender immediately tackled Davis. Therefore, Rebels got the ball.
    As for Phil Steele. I like some of his predictions but he’s just one of many analyst with an opinion.
    I watched “Inside College Football” on CBSSports network last night (‘live’ every Tuesday night 8pm-10pm…great show). They have some excellent analyst on the show such as: Rick Neuheisel, Randy Cross, Brent Stover, Adam Zucker. Houston Nutt shows up from time to time.
    Well, last night, they were all asked to give their picks for the Final Four and they all had Ole Miss in it, and two of the analyst had Ole Miss picked #1.
    So, if the Rebels can shake off the sloppy play last Saturday and win at the Swamp (it’ll be a ‘test’ as Coach Freeze said) I think they’ll move on into the final stretch with tons of confidence.

    • bob

      I am as much of a homer as anyone, but the officials got that call wrong. No one tackled, or even touched Carlos. The only contact made was initiated by Carlos after the Vandy defender already had the ball. Bad calls happen throughout a game and to point at any one and place too much focus on it certainly gives a distorted view, but that was quite simply a bad call. Did it impact the final outcome? Probably not, but certainly if you play “what-if”, you can see how the direction of the game could have changed with the proper call. But then, you could isolate on another bad call and do the same with it and get totally different results. It is the human element which is one of the many random elements that impact a game along with skill and coaching.

      As far as rankings and playoff projections, I can’t see any reason why I’d care at this point. There is a lot of football left to play before any rankings or playoff posturing that matters takes place.

      • Killer_Beeze

        Well Mr. Homer, the game is in the history books…right call or bad call.
        As for your not interested in rankings, then let’s give everyone a feel good trophy. Actually
        Rankings serve as a measuring stick and puts it all into proper perspective. Without the ranking system there’s chaos.

      • Lee814

        It was not a bad call. The announcers were incorrect in saying that it was. It was a correct call if you look at the rule book. The Vandy defender caught the ball in the air before it touched the ground. That is a violation of the rule. He doesn’t have to touch the player to violate the rule. On a muff only the play who called for the fair catch can make a play on the ball until it touches the ground. Would Davis have made the catch? Probably not. But until it actually hits the ground, only he had the right to try to catch it. Had the Vandy player fell on it after it hit the ground, it would have been their ball. He was the one that gave OM the break, not the officials.

  • patrickhoulihan

    I initially thought it was a bad call. But the Vanderbilt player touched the ball before it hit the ground. He can’t do that when a fair catch is called. Here’s a rule quote I found; elsewhere a rule indicates that interference includes touching the player or the ball.

    When a Team B player makes a valid fair catch signal, the unimpeded opportunity to catch a free or scrimmage kick continues if this player muffs the kick and still has an opportunity to complete the catch. This protection terminates when the kick touches the ground. If the player subsequently catches the kick, the ball is placed where he first touched it (A.R. 6-5-1-I-II).

  • SallySue

    The NCAA rule book actually addresses this exact situation explicitly:

    “If after a fair catch signal, receiver muffs the kick, he must be given an unmolested opportunity to catch the ball before it hits the ground.

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