Five Take-Aways from Tad’s Farewell, an 83-80 OT win over Troy

Troy is an athletic bunch: Because of that the Rebels had trouble getting opportunities in the paint. It didn’t help that Sebastian Saiz was a game-time decision, and his minutes were limited. He still came up with the two free throws that turned out the be the decisive points. He knocked them down with 33 seconds left in OT.

Here’s Kennedy:

Gielo was huge: They don’t win this game without him. He was 5-for-11 from 3 and finished with 23 points. That 3-point percentage sounds like he was dominant, but he hit three shots early before going into a cold spell. His 3-pointer with 2:11 left in OT tied the game after Troy had taken an early lead.

Moody was Moody: He had 23 points, 19 after halftime. It wasn’t his best night from 3 where he was 2-for-7, but he got to the rim in the second half, including the layup that ultimately forced overtime. His biggest play of the night, however, was tipping the ball away from a Troy player in the lane when the game was tied at 80. That led to Saiz’ free throws on the other end.

New guys play but not much: Donte Fitzpatrick-Dorsey played 3 minutes, and Terry Brutus 4. Brutus hit a shot jump shot, and DFD missed his only attempt. Brutus isn’t exactly new, but he’s been away for so long with various injuries that it seems like it. These guys will play important minutes in the weeks to come.

Tad Pad Nostalgia: It was a day of remembrance for the Tad Pad, and Marshall Henderson was all over it on Twitter including this gem when the game was tied late in regulation:

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  • Killer_Beeze

    Thank goodness the Rebels were able to survive that awfully played game. I think “visions of sugar plums” were in many of the players heads…except for a few…it’s Christmas holidays and minds were…else where.
    They better get back in the ‘playing mode’ when they travel to Kentucky.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Rebel fans/posters.
    Keep up the great reporting in the New Year PA.

    • JB

      basketball, is basketball and Kennedy seams to have control, but on the football scene Freeze seam to have troubleds

      Ole Miss LB Denzel Nkemdiche reportedly back in hospital – problems
      at ole miss just keep popping up. Just what is going on up there? Who is next?

      • Killer_Beeze

        Quick to criticize aren’t you JB. Will Grier ring a bell? Suspended a year for taking performance enhancement DRUGS. Now, he’s getting the helll out of dodge. What’s going on with McElwain’s program? Why is Will transferring?

        See how easy it is to turn this around?

        Only extraordinary things are going on at #12 ranked Ole Miss like…gasp! WINNING and going to the prestgious Sugar Bowl game.
        Oh, and 2016 recruiting class is ranked #1 and on target for another great class that will equal or surpass the 2013 class.
        So, It’s ALL good in Oxford JB.

        Miss. State news: two State football players were arrested with possession of illegal beer and ”RESISTING ARREST”. OMG!
        Read all about it:

        What’s going on with Dan Mullen’s program JB?. Not only did his Pups lose badly in the Egg Bowl, they’re going to a cruddy bowl game.
        JB…get a life my friend.

        • Cal Bell

          Way to go Buzzkill! That’ll teach that old man to give his opinion. You’re just frustrated with the complete choke job by your rebel bears. All the #1 recruits in the country can’t overcome the Freeze factor.

        • JB

          Merry Christmas K_B as for MUllen’s program not aware. I think Will Greer at gator land has transferred.

  • Cal Bell

    I am concerned about Squidward’s team’s r.p.i.. I see them winning 20-21, but r.p.i may not be strong enough. Hobby Lobby!!!

  • Cal Bell

    JB, I’m afraid that some highly ranked recruits that come to a struggling school, feel as though they’re doing the school a favor and take an entitled approach.

  • Cal Bell

    Hey JB! Keep posting what you feel, because this is America. Freedom of thought is allowed, contrary to Buzzkill’s agenda. Where the only opinion that matters, is his. Merry Christmas! Rock on, JB!!!!

    • JB

      Merry Christmas to you too Cal Bell. I will continue speaking my peace, i “aint forgetten”

  • Cal Bell

    Congratulations Ole Miss on Bama’s National Championship!! Way back when, Ole Miss upset Florida and Gators didn’t lose again. Then in a ginormous upset you beat Bama…and they won’t lose again, this season. Everybody knows, if you lose to a team like Ole Miss, it wakes you up and says, Wow! We’re so much better, that we should never lose to Ole Miss.

    • JB

      right on Cal Bell, this season Gators came out 1/2 game ahead of OM in the final SEC standings, Alabama #1, Gators #2 and OM # 3

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