Attorney: Tunsil could recover draft night losses and a lot more

It’s been reported that the Miami Dolphins believe they know who hacked into Laremy Tunsil’s social media accounts on draft night.

While attention was initially placed on the stepfather who filed suit against Tunsil the day before the draft, later into draft night the idea of a financial advisor who had recently worked for Tunsil began to make the rounds.

The draft slide out of the top five to No. 13 cost Tunsil as much as $8 million according to Forbes magazine.

It remains to be seen if criminal charges come about.

However, if Tunsil chooses to pursue the matter in civil litigation it’s possible he could recover the $8 million and much, much more.

That is, if the hacker has thte assets to make that possible.

According to Lance Stevens of the Jackson firm Stevens and Ward, “The loss estimates for the draft debacle appear to range from $5 million to upwards of $16 million, and the salary guarantees make the calculations very reliable. An appellate court would have no problem affirming a verdict in that range. If the breach was accompanied by an evil motive – and I can’t fathom this hack being just a party gag – Tunsil might also be entitled to punitive damages.”

Stevens is the former president of the Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association. His firm specializes in injury litigation.

Denham Springs, La., native, Mississippian since 1989 with a stop in Meridian before arriving in Tupelo. Daily Journal beat writer since 1996, covering Ole Miss since 2002. Proud Northeast Louisiana alum. Follow me on Twitter @parrishalford and listen to John Davis and myself daily with The Ole Miss Beat on Rebel Sports Radio.

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  • budfudlacker

    Lol I doubt very seriously UMiss wants Tunsil answering question under oath. He’s already said he’s not pressing charges anyway, even if they found out who the hacker is. I’m sure if Tunsil wants his money bad enough, Scruggs would probably cut him a check just to keep it it out of court.

    • Killer_Beeze

      Change of subject…what was the outcome of Dak’s DUI and Jeffrey Simmons assault on a defenseless female? You seem to have the inside “skinny” on Ole Miss, so you must be “all ears (doggie) on” the M00 U. criminal charges against their football players. Tunsil is old news. Move on…nothing here.

      • budfudlacker

        Lol…got that head up the old rear, eh? Who cares about DUIs and what Simmons did when the NCAA is about to turn Oxford into a smoking crater lololol.

        • TheMadSyrupMaker

          You wish, but don’t hold your breath because it’s not going to happen. You’ve been listening to too many cowbell ringing drug heads….. By the way, I understand Saban is going to ask the SEC to ban cowbells, it’s about time, then you guys can pop your gums……..

          • budfudlacker

            Wow….lol…just, wow. Hahahahahaha oh this will be beautiful!!!

  • JB

    Lest get away fom Ole Miss footaball disaster in the making on to something more important and interesting – Rebel Ladies Softball:RUSTON, La. — Elisha Jahnke allowed just five baserunners all game, and Ashton Lampton came through with timely hitting to lead the Ole Miss softball team to a 3-1 win over Louisiana Tech Wednesday at the Lady Techsters Softball Complex.

    Jahnke was near dominant all game long, giving up just two hits, one of which was a solo home run in the second. She becomes the Ole Miss pitcher to reach 10 wins this season after improving to 10-6 in the circle. The Grand Junction, Colorado native struck out four Lady Techsters, walked two and at one point retired nine in a row midway through the contest.

    Lampton chipped in with two of the Rebels’ (37-17) seven hits, including all three RBI off a double and a triple. Elantra Cox went 2-for-3 from the leadoff spot with a double and run scored, while Hailey Lunderman, Miranda Strother and Sarah Van Schaik all added one hit each in the victory.

    Ole Miss wasted no time getting on the board with a 2-run first inning, the 17th time this season plating runs in the opening frame. Cox got the offense going with an infield leadoff single, and Lunderman followed with her only hit of the game on a single through the left side. Lampton then launched a high shot to left that bounced off the wall and scored both Cox and Lunderman to put the Rebels up 2-0.

    Louisiana Tech (27-18) responded in its next half at the plate off a solo home run cutting the deficit to 2-1. But, Ole Miss again had an answer in the third. Strother punched a 1-out single to right, before Lampton dropped a blooper just inside the right field line for the first triple of her career.

    From there Jahnke used the early lead to her advantage, not allowing a hit from the home run in the second all the way until the leadoff batter in the sixth.

    Louisiana Tech starter Bailey Allen was tagged with the loss after giving up the three runs in her four frames in the circle.

  • JB

    In baseball Ole miss gettingthe jobdon and a good game for the Rebels and OM SS Robinson

  • JB

    Ole Miss a 7-3 victory over Ga in today’s game for the Series win. Rebel Relief Pitcher Wyatt Short – circuit any change for a Georgia comeback.. A win in tomorrows game will definite strengthen Rebel seeding in the upcoming SEC tournament at Hoover and could be an aid and factor in bringing a NCAA regional to Oxford.

  • JB

    Report: Ole Miss confirms texts between Tunsil, school official. i say suspend that Ole Miss football program from any NCAA competition for the next five (5) time period include no recruitment

  • JB

    Lates in the morning Sports News:

    hits just keep on coming for Ole Miss. After the meltdown on Draft Day
    for Laremy Tunsil’s social media accounts, the NCAA has verified that
    those texts are indeed authentic. From the “when it rains it pours”
    file, Tunsil’s stepdad wants to depose Hugh Freeze in his lawsuit
    against Tunsil.

    The guys over at Red Cup have
    of course been on the Tunsil beat, and they are doing their best Baghdad
    Bob impression to assure everyone that those giant pillars of smoke do
    not indicate a fire.

    But let’s be clear, predicting
    what the NCAA infractions committee is going to do is a fool’s errand.
    They were delivered wat appeared to be airtight cases against UNC and
    Miami, yet neither suffered the full force of the NCAA law. So maybe the
    NCAA will decide to hammer Ole Miss or maybe they will skate free. Take
    a spin on the Wheel ‘O Justice, it’s just about that random.

    Because of the near entirely
    random nature of NCAA penalties, we’re not going to speculate on what
    the NCAA is going to do or even what they can prove. All anyone can do
    is wait. OK, maybe we can enjoy a little bit of schadenfreude as this
    goes down, but remember that pretty much any NCAA investigation is a
    matter of there but for the grace of God go I.

    However, we can talk a little
    bit about the Tunsil lawsuit a little bit. As we’ve learned from
    previous investigations, the NCAA has no subpoena power. They cannot
    compel anyone to testify. However, courts can, and the NCAA can use a
    court record as evidence in its investigation, as they did in the Miami

    A deposition works a whole lot
    like witness testimony in a trial itself. The deponent is sworn in just
    as they would be at trial, and the court reporter transcribes the whole
    deposition. The questions and answers are evidence just like testimony
    at a trial, and are part of the court record. A witness is subject to
    perjury for giving false testimony.

    So you can see why Hugh Freeze
    really doesn’t want to give a deposition in the Tunsil case. He has no
    interest in getting hauled in to court and testify, under oath, about
    Ole Miss’ recruiting violations. Can Tunsil’s stepdad’s lawyers ask
    about that? I mean, they aren’t suing each other over NCAA rules
    infractions, which is not within the court’s jurisdiction.

    The short answer? Of course
    they can. A deposition may cover anything that is possible to turn up
    relevant evidence, and the rules of relevance are extremely lenient. As
    long as his lawyers can come up with a good faith argument that Ole
    Miss’ conduct has evidentiary value in their own lawsuit against Tunsil,
    then its fair game.

    Now, Hugh Freeze is not a party
    to the suit, nor is Ole Miss. The courts don’t give a single damn about
    NCAA infractions. This case is not about how Ole Miss recruited Tunsil,
    it’s about the defamation of character and intentional infliction of
    emotional distress by Tunsil.

    Under the rules of Mississippi
    civil procedure, Freeze can request restrictions placed on the
    deposition, as a third party to the case. Honestly, the restrictions
    he’s requesting are reasonable and fairly common sense.

    In order to prevent this from
    being a clown show in which the lawyers are just seeking to embarrass
    Ole Miss, Freeze will consent to the deposition so long as it is limited
    in scope, conducted entirely by written question instead of in person
    like trial testimony, and that the records be sealed.

    Without knowing all of the
    details of the case, it’s hard to make a prediction how the judge will
    rule, but these don’t seem like unreasonable conditions. The most
    important of these is sealing the testimony so the NCAA, or the media,
    can’t get a hold of it to embarrass the program. And let’s be honest, a
    deposition of any head coach of any Division 1 program would likely lead
    to a few embarrassing facts coming out. This doesn’t make Ole Miss
    uniquely evil or anything. I wouldn’t want Les Miles under oath either,
    answering questions about recruiting.

    No one is ever going to
    confuse me for someone who like Ole Miss. I’m going to open up a beer
    and enjoy watching them squirm under the hot glare right now. And like
    I’ve said, I’m not going to make any predictions regarding the NCAA
    investigation because that’s like predicting a dice roll.

    However, I am confident in
    saying that it is unlikely anything salacious will come out in regards
    to the lawsuit via Hugh Freeze’s deposition. He may not get all of the
    limitations he’s requesting, but he will get some of them, whether it is
    the scope, the format, or the availability. The court is not stupid.
    It’s not going to allow itself to be used solely to embarrass a third
    party to the case.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t
    enjoy Freeze being put in the hot spotlight. By all means, enjoy away.
    But don’t think that anything is going to come of this, or that he is in
    any way admitting guilt by asking for entirely reasonable limitations
    on his testimony, that would be available to any third party in any
    lawsuit in Mississippi.

    Yes, Hugh Freeze will testify
    in the Tunsil case. No, it will likely have no impact on the NCAA
    investigation. Which no one can predict anyway. Everything is still
    clear as mud, right?

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