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Feeding Moncrief

Donte Moncrief had little to say about his looming NFL decision earlier this week. There has been some speculation that his production — better than average but below potential — might cause him to decide to return for his senior

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Position Preview: Wide Receivers

A solid cast of starters returns, but when Donte Moncrief and Vince Sanders were held out of spring drills with injuries an alarming lack of depth was in full view. Collins Moore will help that depth if he’s able to

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Freeze, Moncrief, Wallace

Had lots of trouble with video from the ballroom at the Wynfrey. Problems like that are really the norm at Media Days with so many devices and so much demand on the server. Anyway, here are some clips from the

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After Spring: Wide Receivers

Wide receiver is another position where depth was most discussed in the spring. The starting trio can be pretty good, largely because they have one guy with star quality, Donte Moncrief. Ja-Mes Logan and particularly Vince Sanders evolved into a

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Feeding Moncrief

Pittsburgh kept Donte Moncrief from going off the way he did against LSU and Mississippi State. It wasn’t that the Rebels didn’t try to get him the ball. They were unable to do so downfield. Moncrief finished with six catches,

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Feed Moncrief

From the mother ship this morning, our story on the group that produced the song and video that highlights Ole Miss wide receiver Donte Moncrief. The guys were part of the watch the cartoon cars race promotion at the basketball

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Feed Moncrief

I spoke earlier in the week with Andrew Roberts, who has become the manager/spokesman for the muscial group King Kobraz in its sudden rise in popularity. Donte Moncrief has had something to do with that rise. Kobraz produced the song

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